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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035
Email: schooloffice@stopsley.primaryluton.co.uk

Reminder for parents of new Reception children
Children will stay between 8:45AM and 1:30PM, staying for lunch.  
The library gate will open at 1:25PM

Here at Stopsley we know that children do best when home and school work well together.
See our most recent parent survey results here.

See what our parents say about us here showing why we are a school of choice.


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What is 40 Acts?

The idea is simple - during this half term as a school, we give something back to each other, not giving something up.  Although it is linked to Lent, this is not a religious thing.  It is a simple way of encouraging our children to be more outward-focused and society-minded.

We started on Monday 23rd February and each day we're in school, each class picks a challenge card, with a kindness challenge to complete that day.  Because each class is doing something different, it is really good fun to see if we can guess what each class' act for the day is!

Stopsley Community Primary School was the first school in the country to take part in 40 Acts and so we pioneered it for the UK.  This year there are over 700 schools taking part! We are a partner school with Stewardship (the charity behind 40 Acts) and our logo is on their website. 40 Acts is a national campaign so if you'd like to know more about it, you can find more information at:





Upcoming Events

Thu Dec 21 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Fri Dec 22 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Sat Dec 23 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Sun Dec 24 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Mon Dec 25 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Tue Dec 26 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Wed Dec 27 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Thu Dec 28 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Fri Dec 29 @12:00AM
Christmas Break
Sat Dec 30 @12:00AM
Christmas Break

Safety advice about the online game Pokemon Go

Road Safety

Schools Health and Wellbeing Award


From Parents
My daughter has asked me to write on her behalf that she loves her school and she is very happy and proud to be a member of Stopsley school.
From Parents
Thank you for being parent friendly and getting us involved in our children’s learning and progress.

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Purple Mash

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Practise your number and problem solving skills, then take on the world to see if you are the best.

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Rapid Recall Generator

Download and open this Excel file to view random rapid recall facts.
Re-open the file to generate new rapid recall facts.
(Microsoft Excel 97 onwards required)


Anti-Bullying Zone

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nti-Bullying Leaflet

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