Staff List
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Acting Headteacher: Miss F Byrne | Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Weldon 
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis 
Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035

Acting Headteacher: Miss F. Byrne

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Weldon

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N. Broderick and Mrs T. Willis

SENCOs: Mrs. V. Konstantinidou and J. Honey



Miss S. Hussain (Year Group Leader)

Miss I. Wheeler

Miss T. Xygaki

Year 1

Mrs L. Winstone (Year Group Leader)

Miss R. Carron

Miss T. Coceal

Year 2

Mrs M. Johnstone (Year Group Leader)

Mrs D. Newman

Mrs F. Ahmed

Year 3

Mrs T. Willis (Year Group Leader)

Miss L. Wilson

Mr C. Snuggs

Year 4

Mr R. O'Donoghue

Miss A. Marlow

Miss G. Davis

Year 5

Mrs N. Broderick (Year Group Leader)

Miss R. Britten

Miss E. Peel

Year 6

Mrs A. King (Year Group Leader)

Mrs L. Wright

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Barao-Feliciano

Mrs Gallagher

Mrs Jones

Mrs Kelly

Miss Shortall

Mrs. Leigh

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Adams

Mrs Allen

Mrs Botusan

Mrs Catlin

Mrs Chaudhry

Mrs Curran

Mrs Cusdin

Mrs Dearman

Miss Dunne

Mrs Fielder

Mrs Fretwell

Miss Hodge

Mrs Ingledew

Mrs Javed,

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Kelly

Mrs Lomath

Miss Lyness

Mrs Majid

Mrs McCool

Mrs McMoreland

Miss Newman

Mrs O’Neill

Miss Parker

Mrs Reid

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Rooney

Mrs Sharp

Miss Smith

Mrs Squires

Mrs Stephens

Mr Tavernier

Miss Whyte

Miss Woods

T Kastrati

Administration Team:

Miss Haggerty (Office Manager)

Mrs Collins (Admissions and Attendance)

Mrs O’Connor (Admin Assistant)

Miss Dellow (Admin Assistant)

Mrs Mudhar (PA to the Headteacher)

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Lewis (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs Botusan

Mrs Cusdin

Mrs Dearman

Mrs Defreitas

Miss A. Dunne

Miss N. Dunne

Mrs Gavin

Mrs Kvalitiene

Mrs Monger

Miss Parker

Mrs Parmar

Miss Scott

Ms Sulinskaite

Mrs Syla 

Mrs Fletcher

Mrs Birle

Mrs Dedolli

Family Team:

Mrs Kelly

Mrs Alushi

Wellbeing and Safeguarding:

Mrs Cheang


Ms Crichlow (Before and After School Club Coordinator)

Miss Constantinides

Miss Gallagher

Miss Newman

Premises Team:

Mr Morgan (Premises Manager)

Mr Robinson (Apprentice)

Mrs Defreitas

Miss Dunne

Mrs Kvalitiene

Miss Mataityte

Miss Parker

Ms Sulinskaite,