The Governors
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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035

Our governors are a group of people from a range of backgrounds who work in a highly professional and business-like way with the school to promote high expectations. They recognise that the highest achievement in academic work is vitally important and have the greatest expectations for behaviour among our pupils and staff so that respect and courtesy are the norm.

Link to the The National Governors’ Association (NGA)
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What Do Our Governors Do?

A large part of the school's work is to monitor what goes on and to judge for ourselves how well we are doing.  Governors play a key part in this aspect of school life as the school shares this vital information with them.  The kinds of information shared with the governors is:

  • How good teaching is at the school in different subjects and year groups.
  • How well the children achieve and progress compared to everyone else in the country, making sure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds do just as well as everyone else. They use all kinds of tools, one of which is the OFSTED Data Dashboard which anyone can have a look at:
  • How satisfied our children and parents are
  • How well we use additional money we receive throughout the year so that we make a really positive difference to children's healthy lifestyles and achievement in progress in reading, writing and maths 
Data Dashboard 

Governors also have legal duties in areas of school life such as safeguarding. Focused meetings with our link governor for safeguarding mean that he has the opportunity to check whether everything is in place and working well here.

Governors work with the school to promote tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith), races, genders, ages, disability and sexual orientations and support and help to prepare our children positively for life in modern Britain through formal and informal visits to the school.

Goverors join us for staff training days and in January they contributed important ideas to our shared vision, ethos and strategic plans.

As schools across the country move away from assessment levels, our governors will continue to check the rigour of the assessment processes we use at the school.

They make sure that we spend our money wisely so that it has maximum benefit for all the children at Stopsley Community Primary School.  Part of this work includes understanding how we make decisions about teachers' salary progression to continually improve teaching, leadership and management and how we recruit staff.

Click here for the Governor's Annual Report to Parents

How to become a Governor

If you are interested in joing the Governing Board, please enquire at the school office.


The Governing Body of Stopsley Primary School

Attendance Record Sept 2015 – Jan 2017



Number of meetings attended

(Total number of meetings held since Sept 2015 = 9)

Attendance (%)


Paul Adams*



Chris Butler^



Fionna Byrne



Jackie Chidwick



Penny Jones



Richard Lovelock



Andrew Morgan



Linda Scanlan



Jason Sutch



Glen Swain*



Pam Whiting*




Jude Booth***



Gill Bryan**



Steven Ellis^^



Aiza Fazal**



Arthur Greaves* ^^



Jon Williets**










* New Governors co-opted in Sept 2016

** Governors Resigned in Jul 2016

*** Governor resigned in Feb 2016

^ New Governor Co-opted in Nov 2016

^^ Governors resigned Jan 2017

Meeting Dates for 2016/17

20th September 2016
15th November 2016
24th January 2017
21st March 2017
16th May 2017
11th July 2017

Governor Audit of Skills and Specialism

Linda Scanlan

I have 2 children at Stopsley Community Primary School and have been a parent governor since September 2013. I therefore have a vested interest in trying to help the school be the best it can be!

I am currently undertaking my turn as Vice Chair of the Governing Body and am link governor for the Teaching Learning and Assessment aspect of the school.

I have lived in the local area for over 10  years and am involved in various aspects of community life around Stopsley including Stopsley Baptist Church and Stopsley Striders. I have previously worked in a high school within the town and currently work part time in the advice sector.

Chris Butler

My Name is Chris Butler. I am a newly appointed co-opted governor at Stopsley Community Primary School (November 2016). I am very much looking forward to working with everyone and continuing the fantastic work that has already taken place, focusing on the school’s HEART values.  

I have one child currently attending the school so I have a vested interest in make the school the best that it can be. I feel that I am good at listening to other peoples views and opinions respectfully and also putting my own opinions across in the same manner.

I currently work for a leading supermarket’s head office in a transport logistical function. When not working or taxiing the children around I do enjoy playing the odd round of golf and catching up with friends.

Penny Jones

My name is Penny Jones. I am employed locally by the NHS and work with children with additional needs. I became a parent governor when my children started at Stopsley Primary, they are now both moved onto the High School. Over the years I have had responsibility for several different areas within the governing body. I currently have responsibility for safe guarding and SEN. I continue to be committed to supporting the school on it's journey to excellence.

Richard Lovelock

I have been on the Governing Body since September 2013, I am a Parent Governor and have two children currently attending our school. I think it is important to be involved in their education and to be able to give support the school. It has been a pleasure to witness the improvements we have seen in recent years to the results, the infrastructure and more recently the community aspect of the school. I know the school and community well, I have lived in Stopsley all my life and also attended Stopsley Infants and Stopsley Primary myself many years ago. I work locally at the airport in I.T. and in my spare time you can often find me involved in local theatrical productions.”   

Glen Swain

My name is Glen Swain I am a newly appointed parent governor at Stopsley Community Primary School. I am very keen to assist the school in raising standards as my children attend the school and in addition I am a teacher at Stopsley High School where many of our students continue their education.

I am the subject leader for Physical Activity, Sport and Well Being at Stopsley High School, I am committed to the provision and promotion of schools sport and am currently chairman of both the Luton Schools Football Association and the Luton Schools Sports Association. In addition to these roles I undertake administrative duties on county and national committees. 

I have lived and worked in Luton for more than 10 years and feel that it is an excellent place to raise my family, we are fully committed to contributing to our local community in as many ways as possible.

I look forward to working with everyone involved with our school.

Pam Whiting

I have worked in education within Luton for the last 10 years, and I am currently Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Inclusion at Stopsley High School. Having recently been co-opted onto the governing body,  I am looking forward to working alongside all stakeholders to help the school fulfill its vision, and sustain the 'HEART' values which are such an integral part of the stopsley primary school community. 

Andrew Morgan – non-teaching staff Governor.

I have been a Governor in Luton schools for over 20 years starting at St Martin De Porres Infant school after which I moved to Cardinal Newman secondary school where I was a Governor for 12 years, 9 of which as the chairs of Governors.

Prior to working at Stopsley Primary School I was a consultant engineer and had worked in the construction industry for over 30 years.

I am therefore able to bring a host of skills to the governing body relating to buildings and school budgets.

I strongly belief that every child does matter and that it is our duty as Governors to ensure that all children of all backgrounds and all abilities receive the very best education that we have to offer here at Stopsley Primary School.

Paul Adams

My name is Paul Adams and I joined the governing body as Local Authority governor in September 2016. I work for Luton Borough Council where I manage public protection and economic development services. I have previously been a governor of another primary school in Luton and believe I have a range of skills and experience that will be helpful to Stopsley Primary’s governing body and senior leadership team. From my work in economic development I get a consistent message from local employers about how important primary school education is, providing children with the best start possible as they move through the school system and leave equipped with the qualifications and skills they need to progress. I look forward to working alongside the rest of the governing body to help the school achieve its vision.



Summary for Publication on school website – all governors over last 12 month period.

Governor Name (& date current term of office started) Type of Governor (if FOU, state appointing body) Chair (CH), Vice Chair (VC), or Chair of Committee (state committee) Membership of committees (state which committee)

Connections to Staff -

Yes or No

If Yes, who and how.

Term of Office End Date (& reason for leaving if no longer current governor)

Other Governor Posts held.

Name of educational establishment and governor type

Business Interests declared.

Yes of No

If yes please state

Linda Scanlan PG CH   No Sept 2013 - Sept 2017 None None
Penny Jones CG CH of PayCtee


Strategic Gp

No Sept 2013 - Sept 2017 None None
Richard Lovelock PG VC PayCtee No Sept 2013 - Sept 2017 None None
Andrew Morgan CG VC Stragegic Gp Yes  Site manager, (nominated) Mar 2015 - Mar 2019 None Director of St Albans Academy Trust
Jason Sutch STF Yes, teacher, (nominated) Sept 2015 - Sept March 2017. Moved to new school.

None None
Jackie Chidwick

HT Strategic Gp Headteacher Jan 2015 - March 2017. Moved to new school. None None
Steven Ellis

CG No Nov 2015 – Nov 2019 None None
Pam Whiting CG No Sept 2016 – Sept 2020 None None
Paul Adams LA PayCtee No Sept 2016 – Sept 2020 None Manages Corporate Health and Safety Service which is part of the Schools Trust Service to Schools
Glen Swain CG No Sept 2016 – Sept 2020 None None
Arthur Greaves CG No Sept 2016 – Sept 2020 None None
Chris Butler CG No Nov 2016 – Nov 2020 None None

Fionna Byrne AS     Deputy Headteacher NA None None
Imrana Mahmood Clerk No NA None None
Gill Bryan         Sept 2013 – Jul 2016 (Personal Reasons)    
Aiza Fazal      Jan 2014 – Jul   2016 (Relocated)    
Jon Williets     Sept 2013 – Jul 2016 (Work Reasons)    
Jude Booth     Nov 2015 – Feb 2016 (Personal Reasons)    
Steven Ellis         Nov 2015 - Jan 17 (change in work commitments)    
Arthur Greaves         Sept 2016 - Jan 17 (Personal Reasons)    



LA – Local Authority nominated or appointed governor

PG – Elected or appointed Parent Governor

STF – Staff governor

FOU – Foundation Governor (state appointing body)

CG – Co-opted Governor, appointed by the governing body

AG – Appointed by the trustees of the Academy

PTN – Partnership Governor

AS – Associate member

HT – Headteacher AG – Appointed by the trustees of the Academy

PTN – Partnership Governor

AS – Associate member

HT – Headteacher