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Year 2

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  • 06/11/18

    International Food Day

    Year 2 took part in preparing and tasting food from Africa. 
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  • 18/07/18

    Bug hotel building

    To end our topic ' The Ugly Bug Ball' we worked as a year group to make a bug hotel. Before we made it we collected things from home, researched bug hotels and designed it. 
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  • 28/06/18

    Firefighters visit Year 2

    This week we had some very important visitors come to see us in year 2. The firefighters showed us a video and taught us some rhymes to help us with fire safety. We also got to squirt water out of the hoses onto the playground. The firefighters put the sirens on and they were very loud. 
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  • 28/06/18

    Beautiful Butterflies

    Over the last 2 weeks the children in Year 2 have enjoyed watching the caterpillars change into chrysalises. This week the chrysalises hatched and became beautiful butterflies. The children enjoyed releasing the butterflies into the wild. 
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  • 11/06/18

    Caterpillars have arrived!

    This week, some special visitors have arrived in our classrooms. We will learn to look after the caterpillars in our topic The Ugly Bug Ball. We will watch the caterpillars change through their life cycles into beautiful butterflies which we will eventually let go into the wild. 
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  • 25/05/18

    African Animal Experience

    To finish off our topic, Out of Africa, we were visited by Mr Price. Mr Price brought some of his animals with him to show us. We got to hold some of the animals and stroke them. He also told us lots of facts about the animals and where the animals were from.
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  • 22/05/18

    Guide dogs visit Year 2

    In PSHE we have been learning about charities. As part of our learning, some guide dogs and their owners came to visit us. They told us how the dogs had changed their lives and about the charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. We even got to stroke the dogs too. 
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  • 16/05/18

    Home of Hope visit for Year 2

    During our topic 'Out of Africa' we have been learning about many different charities. We were very lucky to have a visit from the chair person for the charity Malawi Orphan Fund. Jane explained where Malawi was and showed us the flag and pictures from when she has visited Malawi. She also e...
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  • 18/04/18

    Out of Africa wow day!

    To start our new topic, Out of Africa, we read the story Mama Panya's Pancakes. We then worked with our partner to decorate pancakes. We really enjoyed eating them.
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  • 16/04/18

    Year 2 visited London

    On Monday 26th March Year 2 visited the National Maritime Museum in London. We had lots of fun learning about ships from the past. We played on a giant map of the world and were able to find the continents and oceans we had been learning about in school. The best part was playing on the large ship...
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