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Year 3

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  • 06/03/19

    The Coming of the Iron Man

    Year 3 had a surprise visitor to help launch our new PWP text. As he is too tall to fit in the class, the Iron Man peered through the window to challenge year 3 to build an Iron Man whose body parts wouldn't fall off. The year 3 children worked really hard and by collaborating and being ver...
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  • 23/01/19

    Roman Day

    Meet Caligula! This was just one of the interactive ways year 3 learned about the growth of the Roman Empire and Roman Britain on our fantastic Roman Day.  They took part in role play, handled Roman artefacts, were very entertained by our Roman visitor and did it all wearing brilliant...
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  • 11/01/19

    Music to our ears

    Year 3 have got 2019 off to a musical start by beginning trombone lessons. The children were very excited when they were introduced to this instrument and are already developing some great techniques.  We look forward to hearing what they will be able to play by half term. 
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  • 20/12/18

    Astonishing Animals

    Year 3 have had a great time this half term learning about astonishing animals. They have written some amazing stories in English about how two animals became friends, have learned about the nutrition animals (including us!) need to stay healthy, how bones and muscles allow movement and in DT h...
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  • 05/11/18

    Safari Stu's Animal Roadshow

    Year 3 were visited by the Animal Roadshow and were able to hold snakes, tortoises, chameleons, tamarans and even hissing cockroaches. The children had a brilliant time and were then inspired to write some excellent non-chronological reports. 
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  • 04/11/18

    World Food Day

    Year 3 had a fantastic time on World Food Day. They learned about our partner school in Pakistan, made chapatis, developed their chopping skills while preparing dips, learned how to make a chickpea curry and then sat down to a slap up meal and some taste testing. The day was rounded off with some tr...
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  • 18/10/18


    Inspired by the famous paleontologist Mary Anning, from our PWP text Stone Girl, Bone Girl and linked to our science topic 'rocks', year 3 learned about the stages of fossilisation. They then created their own replica model fossils. I'm sure you agree they look very authentic. 
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  • 18/10/18

    Geology Rocks

    As part of our science topic 'rocks', year 3 have created plasticine models of the structure of the Earth. They were able to identify the different layers and record facts about them which helped consolidate their understanding of the three rock types and the rock cycle. 
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  • 08/10/18

    Chill Study Visit

    Year 3 had a really interesting morning when the Chill Study scientists visited Stopsley. The children took part in a workshop where they learned about pollution and those taking part in the study were issued with their monitors.
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  • 19/09/18

    Newsflash in year 3

    A Chinman newsflash about mysterious objects appearing in the Stopsley area (and a request for their help in solving this mystery!) was how Year 3 were introduced to their new text for English lessons. The children then went on a hunt to find some of these mysterious objects themselves - along with...
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  • 06/09/18

    Surprise in the post!

    Sharman class had a great surprise when they returned to school for the start of the new year. There was a message from Helen Sharman! After learning about her on transition day, the children had completed a piece of work explaining why they found her inspirational. Mrs Saunders was so impressed by...
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  • 15/07/18

    Chocolate Factories

    For their last learning log this year, the children were asked to design their own chocolate factories. All the adults in Year 3 were amazed by what they came up with and their work provided a great display for our classrooms on our 'meet the teacher' evening. The children have als...
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