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Year 4

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  • 05/11/18

    Land Art

    Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, Year 4 enjoyed making their own Land Art. Using only natural resources, the children focused on creating repeat pattern, concentric shapes and rotational symmetry. 
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  • 23/09/18

    What a hoot!

    Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Dave the Owl Man, who brought with him some of his feathery friends! We met Plop the Barn Owl, Spot the African Spotted Owl and a Harris' Hawk named Nigel. The children learnt lots of fascinating facts which they will be writing about in their non-c...
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  • 21/06/18

    Pop-up Books

    Year 4 have been practising their Design Technology skills by making pop-up books. We had to listen and follow the instructions carefully. After we had mastered the basics, we were able to choose our favourite fold and show off our skills. Once we fastened the pages together, we added details such a...
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  • 04/06/18

    Fairy Tales

    Year 4 were treated to a fantastic end to their term of fairy tales.  Over to the park we went, despite the poor weather, to let of steam and act out some of our stories at the castle. We then finished with a 'carpet picnic' in the main hall. A huge thank you to all the grown ups who br...
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  • 26/03/18

    Human Digestive System with Miss Marlow!

    With a pair of tights, bananas, crackers and orange juice, from comsumption to excretion, Miss Marlow took us all through the digestive process. A fabulous end to the week!  Well done.  
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  • 27/02/18

    Eggscellent Science!

    In Science, Year 4 have been learning about teeth! We started by discussing the different types of teeth including incisors, canines and molars and their functions. We have set up an experiment to see the effect different drinks have on our teeth. What do you think is going to happen to the egg...
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  • 30/01/18

    Beautiful Brooches!

    Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis are creating Viking brooches out of clay as part of our current topic.
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