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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035
Email: schooloffice@stopsley.primaryluton.co.uk

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Keeping you up to date at Stopsley.

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Rapid Recall Generator - now available

Our Rapid Recall Generator is now avaialble to download from the front page of our website.

Or click here to download the generator

Please note that you will need Microsoft Excel version 97 or onwards to view the generator.


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Year 4 Kingswood Residential July 2016

WOW! What a weekend!

Thank you to everyone for being such stars at the weekend.  You were all a credit to our school. 

You all did so well with everything you did during the weekend and all the grown-ups are very proud of you for this. 

For a lot of you it was the first time you stayed away from home and this was your biggest challenge. 

Throughout the weekend you all showed imemnse bravery with everything that you all faced.

Well done to you all! What a wonderful way to end the year.  


I hope everyone has had a lovely summer holiday. 

In July some of Year 4 were lucky enough to experience a residential at Kingswood in Kent.  This was an amazing opportunity for all involved.  Thank you to all the adults that made this residential possible and thank you to all the children that made this a memorable experience.  Everyone gave 100% and faced indiviual fears which, I am thrilled to say were overcome.  

Please have a look through the gallery to see what your child took part in throughout the weekend.  

I am sorry for the delay in posting these pictures.  I had some trouble with uploading photos.  

I wish all of year 4 all the best in Year 5! 

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You have made a difference

Some of our Year 5 pupils wanted to make a video to express thanks to all the staff members who have helped and taught them throughout the year.


With the help of Mr McGlynn they were able to produce this wonderful video to show our Stopsley values and how wonderful of a school we are. Check it out:



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Year 2 African Animals

On the 18th April year 2 recieved some very special visitors.


Some exotic Afrian animals were brought into school to show the children! They all got to learn information about the animals and got first hand experience holding them too.


There was a snake, a spider and a little baby meerkat. Check out some of the pictures below!


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Something Funny For Money

On Friday 15th April, Stopsley Community Primary School hosted a "Wear something funny for money" day to raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.


Children and staff came to school in silly, crazy and funny outfits that gave everyone a large amount of laughs.


All of this was worthwhile as the school raised over a whopping £600! A massive thanks to all the children, parents and staff for making this day a great success!


Check out below for some of the costumes that children and staff wore!




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Year 4 Pop Up Experience

Year 4 have recently completed a pop-up book experience with John O’Leary.  The project consisted of 2 workshops where John worked with a group of children to create a pop-up book of their own.  The results were exceptional and John was really impressed with the quality of work that the children produced.  He was particularly impressed with the teamwork that was on show on the occasions that he wasn’t at school but the children were able to teach others the specific folds and constructions that they had been shown by John on previous visits.


Please click here to see a report by John and some pictures of the children’s work.

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Year 2 - Understanding Halves

In Year 2 the children have been learning and understanding how to add halves to make a whole.

First, Year 2 cut up some fruit to help illustrate how two halves make a whole. Once the children got a great and fun understanding of how it worked they tackled mathmatical sums and designed some posters!


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Reception ChickCam is now live!

Click Here to watch the webcam.


Our chicken eggs got delivered to one of our Reception classes today.


We have set up a webcam to record them live and hopefully catch the moment they hatch.


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World Book Day 2016

On Thursday 3rd March Stopsley Primary School took part in World Book Day.


Child and staff dressed up as their favourite story book characters for the day and took part in a multitude of activities.


Here are some wonderful pictures from the day!


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Skip-Hop Workshops

Skip- Hop Workshops.


We were so lucky to have Lee Collinson-James come to visit us from Skip-Hop.  Working with Years 2 to 6 Lee’s enthusiastic and entertaining approach had the children really fired up to learn new techniques and games.  It was great to see the wide variety of skills and manoeuvres being taught.  There were lots of opportunities to learn solo skipping moves, games to play with a partner and great team skipping games that required lots of concentration and energy.  Staff and pupils alike found the workshops so informative and we all worked together to gather a great stock of ideas for future PE and playground activities.


It has been wonderful to see students continuing and develop their skills at lunchtime and break.  With the support of our midday supervisors Stopsley children have become enthusiastic skippers and are going to make the most of the playground rope sets we have purchased.


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Year 2 baking

Year 2 had a wonderful time last week baking some cakes!


Here are a few pictures from Kandinsky class showcasing how fantastic they look.


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Year 6 Courtroom

On Friday, Bolt class had their classroom transformed into a courtroom.


The SAT's based legal case scenarios were great fun; with the students having failed their SAT's and appealing against the decision. All the pupils were actively involved during the session, such as acting as the judge, jury, witness or defence barristers. We even had an angry parent and a journalist! Everyone had a role to play in the fun filled but informative sessions.


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Guide Dogs 2016

In Year 2 this week we were delighted to welcome Ray and Sparky, Wendy and Vegas and Ann and Carl to visit us. They were delighted to hear how we have been raising money across the school to sponsor 3 guide dog puppies and that our recent cake sale was a huge success. Year 2 learnt lots about how valuable the dogs are to a blind or partially sighted person. 


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Stopsley Twitter Account

We have revived our old Twitter account. Please follow us using @stopsleyprimary to stay up to date on information as well as being able to see posts about the children's work at school. 

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Children In Need 2015

On Friday 13th November 2015, the children and staff of Stopsley Primary grabbed their PJs, Slippers and dressing gowns to raise money for the Children In Need charity. Cakes were brought in by many children and staff to sell during break time to raise as much money as possible. The final amount we raised is £670.63! Thank you everyone for participating and contributing to such a wonderful cause.


Many pictures were taken during the day.  Why not have a look!


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Reception Visit Year 5

Recently our Reception Classes went on a tour of the school. They made it from one end of the school to the other, which is where the Year 5 classes are! Our Reception children decided to come into the classes and see what they were working on.



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Year 5 Black History Month Raps

In Year 5 we have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr and how he affected change through his ‘I have a dream’ speech.

We thought about the unfairness and injustice we can still see around us and created our own raps based on his opening phrase.

Here are two examples:


I have a dream that poverty must go.

Rich people need to share, this they know.

Spreading the wealth around this Earth,

Showing everyone their true worth.


I have a dream, let's spread the money.

I'm not joking, this ain't funny.

Hunger and illness need be no more,

Let's share the wonga from shore to shore.


I have a dream to make the world a better place.

Bring us all together and make one race.

Sharing the riches with each other,

Making each one of us each other's brother.



By Champ - Year 5

Jeffreys Class

I have a dream that there won't be any poverty.

Rich people splashing their cash, that doesn't seem fair to me.

They have so much money that they bare,

Why don't they help poor people with their money that they should share?


I have a dream, while Bill Gates splashing his cash,

He didn't realise that the library's Windows computers have crashed!

Ronaldo in football, you have a lot of pace,

Don't let all that money go to waste!

David Cameron, you live in Number 10,

Why didn't you pay the firemen?!



By James and Connor - Year 5

Jeffreys Class

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Year 6 Visit the Construction Site of the Stopsley Respite Centre

Some of our children were given the opportunity to visit the construction site of the Stopsley Resite Centre, which is being built next to our school.  Here is what our children found out when visiting the site.


This centre will be opening at the end of June 2016. It is good for people in wheelchairs due to the fact that there is a lift.  It is going to be ysed for adults with disabilities. It gives them a chance to socialise, learn, play, make friends and much more!


It has cost £4.3millon to build this centre! Workers are certain it will have a positive effect for the community.  The people who work there will give good hospitality and they've had lots of experience.


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International Day on 1st October!

Don't miss out on the activities that will be happening on International Day here at Stopsley Primary. Check out the flyer linked here for more information.


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Space Buggy Reading

Our year 5 pupils have been enjoying their reading time with their new custom built space buggy!



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Purple Mash

Access lots of wonderful and exciting resources on Purple Mash.


Practise your number and problem solving skills, then take on the world to see if you are the best.

Education City


Access the City to play and learn with a variety of games and activities.



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