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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035

Your child's attendance in school is crucial for their learning and development.  We expect all children to be in school everyday and on time.

The school gates are open between 8:45 and 8:55; if your child arrives after this time they will need to sign in the late book which is located in the school office.

The registers are checked on a regular basis.  If frequent or repeated absences are observed then action from the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) may be taken.

Good attendance is 97%+. Rewards are given to children who maintain a perfect attendance record.



There are times where your child will not be able to attend school due to illness.  If your child will not be attending then please contact the school office by 9:30am giving the child's name and why they are absent. If your child has vomitted then Stopsley Primary School's policy states that the child must be free from sickness for 24 hours before returning to school.



Routine appointments eg: Doctor or Dentist should be made out of school time where possible.  For other non-routine appointments, any letters or appointment cards that can be shown to the school office are greatly appreciated.


Term Time Leave

Term time leave is not permitted unless certain exceptional circumstances are met.  Term time leave can be requested from the headteacher by filling out the required form which can be obtained from the school office.  Any parents or carers who withdraw their child without the necessary approval can face a £60 fine per child from the Local Education Authority.


Religious Observance

Children may have up to 2 days per year for religious observance.  We still require that you notify the school that your child will not be attending.


Other Circumstances

If there are any other reasons that your child cannot attend school, please email the school office with details as to why.  In an emergency, please contact the school office and let us know.