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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035

Good behaviour is essential and we endeavour to recognise and celebrate this for all our children. Bullying of any form is not tolerated.


Rewards for good choices are given in the form of ticks; three ticks is equal to one House Point.  When a child receives a certain amount of House Points they are awarded a special certificate and, after collecting a lot of them, a special reward!

Bronze Certificate - 50 House Points

Silver Certificate - 100 House Points

Gold Certificate - 150 House Points

Platinum Certificate - 200 House Points, and a free £5 Book Voucher

?????? Certificate - 250 House Points, and a free £10 Book Voucher


At the end of every Friday we host a celebration assembly.  Two children from each class are picked to go into the Golden Book for exceeding expectations and producing magnificent work.

Mrs Chidwick has a special book called the Good News Book.  This is used in addition to the House Point system so that when children make good choices about their behaviour and learning, they have even more opportunities to be recognised and their consistent achievements celebrated. If children are entered into the Good News Book on three occasions in a term, a letter will be sent to their families from Mrs. Chidwick.


If a child's behaviour causes concern then parents will be informed and we will work along side parents and carers in supporting the child.


Click to view our Golden Rules.