Schools Health and Wellbeing Award
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Headteacher: Mr R Fordham | Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Byrne
Assistant Headteachers: Mrs N Broderick and Mrs T Willis

Hitchin Road, Luton. LU2 7UG | Tel: 01582 611035


Healthy Eating Films

A short film to introduce the topic of healthy eating and raise awareness of the levels of sugar, saturated fat and salt in our everyday foods

Other Be Food Smart films:

Healthy Food Leaflets

A Message from the Kitchen


At Stopsley Community Primary School we encourage the children and staff to eat a healthy balanced meal, which should consist of:

 Meat Vegetables Potatoes    Healthy1
Fish Fruit Pulses
Egg   Bread
Milk    Pasta 
Soya    Rice 


When considering a balanced meal we also consider:

  • Textures
  • Flavours
  • Colours


We use very little fats or oil in our cooking and NEVER add salt. This doesn't mean we go without cakes and cookies!



We also have FUN theme days such as:

  • American Day
  • Spanish Day
  • French Day
  • And not forgetting our famous fish & chips and pizza & chips Fridays!


All the meals we provide go towards building healthy muscles and bones and to help children concentrate throughout the day.


Healthy Packed Lunches

A child's healthy packed lunch is very important to prevent a sugar slump during the afternoon. A balanced packed lunch doesn't have to cost a fortune and should contain the following:

  • Starchy foods such as bread, bagels, wraps, pasta, crackers, etc.
  • Protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Dairy foods such as cheese, yoghurt, fromage frais, etc.
  • Other essentials could be vegetables, fruit, salad, small tomatoes and carrot batons.

With a well balanced lunch box children should be able to concentrate and work well in the classroom and the playground achieving better overall results.