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Year 5

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  • 14/12/18

    WWI topic

    In year five this term we have been looking at WWI. Throughout the half term we have looked at the history of WWI as well as linked it through our English work. 
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  • 05/11/18

    British Museum

    Year 5 venture to London. On the 11th October Year 5 visited the British Museum. After a short coach trip we disembarked and made our way inside. The children were amazed at the size of the building and could not wait to go and find the Greek artefacts (although by the time we had got there...
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  • 21/09/18

    Back to school!

    The children have come back full of their adventures of the summer. All the children have settled well into the routine of school and are looking forward to the year ahead. Over the last few weeks they have been lucky enough to have had a few events to start of the year. One of those was a...
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  • 18/07/18

    Battle of the breads

    Baking bread turned out to be easier than we first thought! The children were shown a demonstration on how to make bread, working with the teacher on how to follow a recipe whilst considering the space needed, equipment and tidying away when possible (an often tedious task if left until the end...
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  • 21/06/18

    Space in Year 5

    This term in year 5 we are looking at Space in Science. We have been looking at the planets and their relationship to the earth. All the children are very excited about it and cannot wait for our trip to the Space centre in Leicester later this term. The children have also had the opportunity t...
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  • 23/05/18

    Read all about it!

    It’s been a busy time of late for Year 5. First of all, the students have been learning to write newspaper reports, based around our topic on the Battle of Hastings in 1066. There was a real focus on a number of key newspaper characteristics, including a catchy headline, the use of formal lang...
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  • 15/04/18

    Maya Madness

    Our Maya themed learning has been thrilling. Everyone has been invovled in exploring Maya civilisation, from clothes they wore and the food they ate to their complex number system - "this number system is just like the Roman Numerals" exclaimed Alex. On top of the topic and English...
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  • 26/02/18

    Fraction Frenzy

    The ongoing pursuit to become fraction champions continue!  The children have been increasing their confidence and familiarity when working with fractions; they can compare, order, add and subtract. Where the denominators of fractions are different, the children are now c...
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  • 29/01/18

    Guitar Greatness!

    Determined, having the thirst for knowledge and being creative are some of the many skills you will find from the Year 5 children here at Stopsley Primary. So much so, that as well as applying these skills across core subjects, they demonstrate these skills within their guitar lessons...
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