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We now have a dedicated Anti-Bullying page for children, visitors and parents in our 'Children' section of this website. Alternatively, click here.

This Anti-Bullying page is information for all parents / families. At Stopsley, our attitude to bullying is a very simple one - we do not accept it. Our school is a 'Bully Free' zone.

We believe:

· That everyone has the right to feel safe at school and everyone has the responsibility to keep others safe

· That whilst we cannot choose our feelings, we can choose how we behave

· Children who feel good about themselves learn better, have better relationships and behave better

Our Aims are:

· To keep school a safe place for all, for both children and adults

· To teach every child the impact that our behaviour choices have on others, to prevent bullying

    behaviour before it starts

· To provide a curriculum which teaches children to respect others and themselves

· To teach children that we all have a responsibility to challenge and stop bullying

· To provide an environment in which any bullying behaviour is swiftly challenged and stopped

Our Definition

Everybody in school needs to be clear what bullying really is.

Bullying is:

'Repeated, negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.'

Importantly, the school works hard to ensure that all pupils know the difference between bullying and simple everyday ‘falling out’ or one-off playground incidents.

Please watch the video below where the children explain what bullying is and what we all need to do to stop any bullying behaviour as soon as it starts...


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Bullying is not the odd occasion of falling out with friends, name-calling, arguments or fights. However, these are also serious incidents and would be dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour policy. These behaviours are monitored by the school in order to look for patterns of behaviour emerging which could then become bullying.

We take all allegations of bullying seriously and we believe that bullying of any kind is unacceptable. Please speak immediately to your child’s class teacher if you think they might be experiencing any bullying behaviour. This helps us to investigate it promptly and to deal with it quickly.