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Coronavirus Distance Learning



Please click on the image below to view a letter to all of the children from Mr Fordham...

Here is a video message from Mr Fordham, Mr Brewis and Mrs Allen...


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Accessing Distance Learning

Due to the school only reopening for certain year groups and some parents choosing not to send their child back to school yet, we are providing regular, structured work for all children whilst they are at home. Each Monday, we upload a suggested timetable for each year group which parents might chose to follow to give routine if this is right for their child. It is important to remember that we make adaptations for children in school so parents can and will need to do this as well. The timetables we provide cover a range of subjects and they cover the same work as what is being taught in school for those who are attending. By following the suggested timetable of lessons, this will help ensure that when the school fully reopens, all children will have covered the same content - putting us in the best place to get started again.

The distance learning mostly involves the children using the Oak Academy Online Classroom. This is a virtual school set up by the Government solely for the purpose of this Coronavirus situation. Click on the Oak Academy link below to read information for parents about this resource.

Using Oak Academy for distance learning is simple. It is compatible with all devices and our User Guide below shows parents how to get started. There is also a link for Oak Academy on each year group's distance learning page that takes you straight to where you need to go.

The following explains how parents access Distance Learning:

  • Go to your child's year group page found on the menu on the right hand side.
  • Have a look at the timetable and decide with your child which learning they are going to do for the week ahead. This is a shorter timetable than we previously provided so hopefully your child will manage all of the day's lessons. Timetables will be updated every Monday morning but may look quite similar to the week before.
  • Most lessons on the timetable are accessed using Oak Academy. Click on the Oak Academy link provided and let your child start their learning.
  • Some lessons, such as 'PSHE' and 'Creative', do not use Oak Academy. Any teacher input and resources that you need for these lessons will be found as links that you can view or download at the bottom of the page.
  • The children will be able to do all of their learning independently.
  • Visit other year group's pages if you feel that these are more appropriate for your child. Use our 'Individualised Learning' page (on the right hand side) if your child has an EHCP or IEP.
  • At the end of the week, all of the timetables and resources will be moved in to our 'Archive' folder (on the right hand side) before the new ones are uploaded. This means that parents and children can still return to previous learning if they need to.
  • Activities on Oak Academy only ever require your child to write on a notepad or on a piece of paper. These activities are also marked with the teacher at the time. 'PSHE' and 'Creative' activities and worksheets are usually provided where children can save their answers electronically. It is also fine to record any of this work on paper or in a notebook. Some children brought a distance learning exercise book home from school that they could also continue to use if they wish to.
  • If the timetable is ever feeling too much, children can complete our 'Take Away Home Learning' activities instead. These are provided for a period of shorter closure and can be found on the right hand side. Each year group has their own 'Take Away Home Learning' activities.
  • A further list of useful websites for distance learning (divided in to age groups) can also be found below.
  • Some 'Stay Active' activities for distance learning can be found below.
  • A 'Bingo Board' of fun activities to complete during the can be found below.
  • Our own Reception teacher, Ms Williams, has also provided some fun art ideas for families to try. These can be found by visiting her page on the right hand side.

The work that we are providing revisits prior learning as well as introducing new learning for the summer term. Parents though are not expected to be teachers. All work will be revisited when the children return to school. This distance learning may be discussed with the children on their return.

At the bottom of this page, you will find an important letter from the Headteacher that reassures parents about doing distance learning with their children. It also includes useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


For summer 2, our children in Reception will be expected to do the same approach to distance learning as the rest of the school (please see above). This will help the children in Reception be better prepared for moving in to Year 1 in September.

Reception parents are encouraged to use Tapestry regularly as this is a great online journal. Parents can share the learning that their children are doing at home by posting pictures and comments on their Tapestry journal. The Reception staff would love to see these and will be able to respond online. Click on the link below to log in to Tapestry...


Parents of Pre-School children should visit the appropriate page on the right hand menu. The Pre-School staff do not provide a timetable but they do upload a 'Take Away Home Learning' sheet weekly. Parents should check for this every Monday for new activities and ideas. There will also be a 'top tips' sheet that parents may want to work through.

Support from the school

Please note that the school office email address will continue to be active throughout any lengthy closure or part closure. However, if families have any questions about the week's distance learning, or need support with it, each year group has a email address that the teaching team monitors. The children can ask questions or check their understanding using this email address during the school hours, during term-time only. Please be aware that now most of our teachers are working back in school teaching children, responses to this email address may not be from your child's actual class teacher and responses may take slightly longer to come back to you.

Whilst we are encouraging the use of the Internet to enhance children's learning, we remind parents about the importance of online safety. If you have any concerns or need advice, please visit our eSafety page here.

Years 2 - 5 Update

Thank you to those of you who let us know if your child would return or would not return should the school be able to open to children in years 2 to 5. The response was that around 30% of children in each year group would return. As a school, we are following Government guidance regarding the next phase to reopening. The possibility of children in years 2 to 5 returning will also depend on the number of staff that we have available and whether or not we can meet the recommended safety measures, particularly distancing criteria. I hope to be able to update you on all of this shortly.

We are very aware that this must be a really difficult time for the children who are not able to be in school at the moment. We are concerned that their confidence and motivation are likely to be dipping and we know the benefit for them if they are able to see and talk to their teacher and their friends. Whilst we wait for clarification from the Government and from the Local Authority, we have put plans in place to connect with the children in each class from these year groups who are still at home.

All children will receive an email inviting them to join a class meeting using Google Meet. This is a video messaging App that is part of the Google Classrooms suite. If your child wishes to join the meeting, connecting with their class teacher and friends, all they need to do is accept the invitation and then join the meeting (using the link within the invite) at the time, on the right date. Your child is able to view the invite by logging in to their Google account and going to Gmail (their emails). All of the children know their login details as they use them regularly at school. I have put a reminder below just in case and we have set the password as a uniformed one for the purpose of these meetings...

User name

surname and initial of first name, followed by...

Eg, John Smith would be...



The Parent Guide document below shows you how to access Google Meet should you need it. The class teacher will host the meeting and spend some time talking with the children and possibly doing a short activity with them. This is not a lesson and does not replace the usual Distance Learning. Please make sure that your child has their microphone turned on for the meeting. It is up to yourselves if they have their video turned on. Please give consideration to what is in the background if using the video function.


There is no expectation for all children to attend this weekly Google Meet. Our aim is to give those children who need it the support and time whilst this lock down continues. We hope that we will be able to have our years 2 to 5 children return to school soon, but it is important that we only do this when it is completely safe to do so and we are conscious that planning for this next phase in reopening may take some time.

Assessing the children

The Government have announced that the Year 2 and Year 6 Statutory Assessment Tasks (SATs) will not take place this year. The Key Stage 1 Phonics Screening Check will not take place and the new Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check has also been cancelled. Depending on the length of the school closure, teacher assessment may still take place at the end of the summer term. However, with the school remaining closed for all of summer 1, teacher assessments will only be done for the autumn and spring terms. Assessment will be reported to parents in the usual way within the end of year written school report.

Distance Learning links

Purple Mash - has previous distance learning still available on it. Click on the link below to access...  - are offering a free subscription for parents - are offering a free subscription for parents

Jane Considine, who provides teachers and schools with guidance on teaching writing, is sharing daily writing lessons for children of all ages. This is a fantastic way to keep children inspired and practising their writing skills while learning from home. The videos go live at 9:45 daily but can be watched at any point after that...

If your child is doing these writing lessons, please ensure that they still do the Oak Academy  English lesson as well.

Reading at home

Children can access Accelerated Reader quizzes at home using the following link: Accelerated Reader

The staff are keeping up with their reading too. We would love to see your reading pictures so do send any to the school office. Reading for just 20 minutes a day has many benefits, including strengthening the brain and building vocabulary, and this is why we have included time to read in our weekly timetable. If you are finding it difficult to get hold of books, the following websites have a range of books that you can access for free online.

Oxford Owl

Story Line Online

Book Trust


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