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COVID-19 Distance Learning



We have reviewed the best way to provide Distance Learning and, as a result of feedback, have made some changes to how our children access their work, how they submit it and how we can support them. These changes will come into effect from Monday 22 February.

Children accessing the work set

We are now going to move across to using Google Classrooms. This is an online suite (portal) where work can be accessed and then submitted, and it allows for ongoing communication and feedback between staff and pupils. It is a suite that children will be able to use independently. A guide to Google Classroom is below. 

To support families whilst we make this transition, for the first two weeks back after half term (weeks commencing 22nd February and 1st March), our Distance Learning will continue be available both on our school website (as normal) and also in Google Classrooms. If schools do not return on March 8th (the potential date for doing so set by the Government), we will then switch over fully to all Distance Learning being available in Google Classrooms only. We hope that parents find this two-week transition period after half term useful.

We will continue to upload a timetable and all of the resources for the lessons, we ask that parents ensure that their child completes this learning and submits the work through Google Classroom for teachers to look at, provide feedback or further support if appropriate and to inform their future planning. We will continue to provide a range of subjects and the work will cover the same learning objectives as those being taught in school for those who are attending. By following the timetable of lessons, this will help ensure that all children (whether in school or not) will have covered the same content. It will help your child not fall behind as a result of the closure of our school for most children.

We will continue to be using a range of teaching methods, including videos of lessons (our teachers or Oak Academy, written instructions or powerpoint presentations. On a Tuesday and Thursday, each year group has the opportunity to join a teacher from their team who will teach live using Google Meets should your child prefer to do their lesson this way. The live lesson will be the same work as what is provided for Distance Learning for that day. This is an optional meeting as your child may prefer to do the learning themselves and in their own time. However, some children may want to have this live interaction with a teacher whom they know. Live lessons for Early Years and Key Stage 1 will be phonics. Live lessons for Key Stage 2 will be maths but may be changed to other subjects based on the feedback from the children.

Increased contact with your child’s classmates and teacher.

We are also making changes to our Google Meets. Each each class will now have three 'Class Catch Up' meets each week (in addition to the two lessons) with their class teacher on Google Meets. This is an opportunity to ensure social interaction for the children and for them to remain healthy mentally but is also a chance for teachers to talk through previous and future learning with their class and to help children with any issues. The 'Class Catch Ups' are optional for your child and replace the weekly Google Meets that currently take place. These will happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please see the timebable below for when these will take place.

Please also remember to look on our newsletters for the dates and times of our assemblies each week.

Any questions regarding Distance Learning should be emailed to the school office. Any questions regarding specific work or feedback should be emailed to year group help email addresses. These also continue up to Friday 5th March, from that date forward any queries can be raised through Google Classrooms.


Reception parents are encouraged to use Tapestry regularly as this is a great online journal. Parents can share the learning that their children are doing at home by posting pictures and comments on their Tapestry journal. The Reception staff would love to see these and will be able to respond online. Click on the link below to log in to Tapestry...


Nursery children should visit the appropriate page on the right hand menu. The Nursery staff do not provide a timetable but they do upload  weekly activities and videos. There will be a weekly zoom meeting with teachers.

Further support from the school

Please note that the school office email address is always open during term time. However, if families have any questions about the distance learning they can now use 

Remember... Whilst we are encouraging the use of the Internet to enhance children's learning, we remind parents about the importance of online safety. If you have any concerns or need advice, please visit our eSafety page here.


Reading appears regularly on each year group's timetable. It is vitally important that children regularly read.

Key Stage 2 children can access Accelerated Reader quizzes at home using the following link: Accelerated Reader

The staff love reading. Reading for just 20 minutes a day has many benefits, including strengthening the brain and building vocabulary, and this is why we want you to read daily at home. If you are finding it difficult to get hold of books, the following websites have a range of books that you can access for free, online.

Oxford Owl

Story Line Online

Book Trust

Here is a compilation of our staff reading during the lock down back in the summer term...


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Google Meets 

All children will receive an invite them to join a class meeting using Google Meet through Google Classrooms. TIf your child wishes to join the meeting, connecting with their class teacher and friends, all they need to do is join the meeting (using the link within the invite) at the time, on the right date. 

User name:

surname and initial of first name, followed by...

Eg, John Smith would be...

Please contact the help email address if you do not know your password.

The 'Parents Guide' document below shows you how to access Google Meet should you need it. T