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Statutory Information

Governance Meetings

The Governing Board meets at least ten times per academic year to consider the strategic aspects impacting the school and the pupils. Three of these meetings are the Full Governing Board (FGB) - this is all members. There are three committees, with both the 'Curriculum and Standards' committee and the 'Resources, Premises and Finance' committee meeting three times per year.  The Pay committee meets once per academic year, during the autumn term, to assist in setting the school's pay policy, determine staff remuneration and review the targets for performance related pay.

The Headteacher's Appraisal Panel meets once per academic year, during the autumn term, to set objectives for the Headteacher, appraise the performance of the Headteacher and to assess their performance in the role against the Headteacher Standards and their performance objectives. A Local Authority School Improvement Advisor supports the Headteacher's Appraisal Panel with this work.

There are working parties or panels that meet on an ad-hoc basis linked to discipline and appeals for both pupils and staff. At Stopsley Community Primary School and Nursery, these working parties or panels rarely meet but form part of the governance structure.

Governance Structure

The Instrument of Government outlines the constitution of the Governing Board. The Local Authority considers whether it complies with the relevant legal requirements. The Instrument of Government for Stopsley Community Primary School and Nursery's Governing Board was ratified by the Local Authority and it became effective from September 1st. The Governing Board reviews the document annually to ensure the constitution of the Governing Board remains relevant and meets the needs of the school's governance.

Governance Attendance Register

The Governing Board keeps track of all governors who attend or are absent from Governance meetings. It is important for the development of the Governing Board that governor absence from meetings is kept to a minimum.

The Governance Attendance Register will be reviewed at the next FGB meeting.

Governance Register of Pecuniary Interests

Governors are forbidden from being involved in decision-making relating to the purchases by the school of goods and services from themselves, their relatives or any organisation in which they, or those close to them, have significant interest. The Governance Clerk is required to maintain a register of such interests. A 'Declaration of Interests Form' is completed annually by all Governors to declare such interests. If interests change, a new form is completed. At every governance meeting, Governors declare whether they have any pecuniary interests related to the agenda items listed for the governance meeting.

For more details about our Governing Board, including registry of interests, Governor roles and responsibilities, dates for end of term of office and attendance of meetings, please click below...

This information is collected and updated annually in September each year.