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Year 1

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  • 11/12/18

    Our Visit from Dog Trust

    In English we have been learning a story called Chewie Hughie. It was a story we all enjoyed retelling to our friends. We then learnt information about dogs and made our own books. To finish our topic we had a special visit from Jemma who works at Dogs Trust to tell us about the dogs they have and h...
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  • 16/11/18

    Our local enviornment

    In History and DT we have been learning about different homes. We walked around our local environment to see how many types of homes we could identify. We found lots of different homes on one street. On our walk we saw, bungalows, semi-detached, mobile homes and cottages.
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  • 28/09/18

    Coach Ride

    Year 1 children have enjoyed reading the text Smart Aunties in English. We used our imagination and went on a coach ride around the playground. On our route we stopped at various different places such as the beach, farm and zoo. Children enjoyed coming back to the class...
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  • 26/06/18


    Year 1 have been learning about materials. Children have explored and investigated many objects over the term. This week they have undertaken an experiment to find out which materials would be best to make umbrellas. Children and staff took the opportunity of great weather and worked on the pla...
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  • 24/05/18

    Toy Making Workshop

    Parents and children enjoyed working together to design and make a toy. A variety of modelling materials were used to produce some amazing toys. Children used skills that they learnt in DT over the half term. Some of the toys made included dolls, cars, spaceships and Jack-in-the-box. What a fun and...
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  • 29/03/18

    Easter Baskets

    Chidren in Year 1 learned about Easter and how Easter is celebrated around the world.  They have listened to the Easter story and sequenced the events. Across the three classes all children made Easter paper baskets. They are perfect for taking on an Easter egg hunt to collect Easter eggs...
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  • 14/03/18


    In Year one we have used Julia Donaldson's Stickman as a launchpad to experience the process of planning and creating.  Across the three classes children first tried a basic creation involving just cutting, sticking and joining using a Stickman split pin template.  Then children used a...
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  • 29/01/18

    Hat Making

    Children in Year 1 started this half term by spending an afternoon making and designing a variety of hats. This was a start to their English work based on the story Monkey See, Monkey Do. After making their hats all children were encouraged to write instructions to help other children make a hat. Ch...
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