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Beginning to learn about the world beyond ourselves

In Hedgehogs we will be looking at two global goals when we start back after the half-term break. 

We have chosen the story Those Shoes to gently introduce the idea of helping those in our community who have less than us through the theme of giving.  The story is available to view on You Tube. 

We will be using this wonderful story to introduce the idea of poverty at a low-key level.

The plan is for us to contribute to a whole-school display about the global goals which will be situated in the glass corridor.

In order to maximise the opportunity to understand this tricky concept, it would be great if you could take your child to a charity shop during the half-term holiday. Perhaps your child could donate a toy or item of clothing?  They might also like the opportunity to experience buying a book or a toy from the shop.

This would help enormously to lay the groundwork for this fun focus week.  We look forward to sharing a news time to talk about these experiences.

Thank you for your partnership in our Nursery Learning Journey.

Mrs Newman

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