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Watch This Space

Today in Hedgehogs Class we unveiled our new responsive, interactive display.

The idea behind it stems from our philosophy for Early Years Education where the learning is driven by the children and they benefit from initiating their own discovery play and activities.  The role of the adult is to facilitate this by:-

  • Co-playing
  • Making resources available
  • Providing an inspiring learning environment
  • Creating opportunities for the development of skills
  • Extending children’s thinking by asking questions and being curious

This space will change regularly.  The ideas will come from the children’s own rising or persistent interests.

In this way, we are also promoting the following Stopsley learning behaviours.

  • Independence
  • Curiosity

The first display pictured here was created to model what it could look like.  Going forward, please keep us informed of your child’s new fascinations as they develop.

For more on how we learn in Nursery please refer to older blog posts.  If you would like more details on Stopsley Learning Behaviours, please look under the ‘children’ tab on this website.

Mrs Newman