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Book Lovers

How can we create book lovers?

This is a question that the adults in Hedgehog Class are exploring this year.

The simple answer is to immerse children in good quality books, fiction and non-fiction.

Our topics for the year are based around a good story book and supported by connected books and songs.  The main story is learned by heart using a text map and actions (see additional photos).

Our book corner is comfortable and inviting with two displays, one is seen in the main picture here and has been created over a few weeks by adults and children.  The second display will change more often and should reflect current favourite books that the children look at time and time again or ask to have read to them frequently.

Additionally our construction and maths zones have related books always available for browsing.  At certain points across the year, our Number Time is based on a great story and is sometimes even based on stories we have written to link with what we are learning.

In our September blog, we introduced Bedtime Bear and his books which have begun to go home with a different child each week.

After Christmas, we hope to begin our Secret Reader project.  This will involve adults other than our Nursery team coming as a secret guest to read a story on one day each week.  If this is something you would like to participate, please chat to one of us and we will add you to our list. 

It’s going to be a wonderful year of play and learning in Hedgehogs!