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Will It Spin?

In Nursery there is always an investigation going on.

Mostly, the investigations are initiated by the children, but from time-to-time and adult-initiated enhancement gets explored by children and creates a new interest to be investigated.  We love this kind of discovery play and learning most of all.

Our current investigation is into things that spin, twist, rotate and turn. It started with a few spinning tops that I brought from home and put in a tray. I sat back to observe, wondering aloud and asking questions of everyone who came to play.

The next day, children began to test things around the class to answer the question "Will It Spin?"  Along the way we have been finding out what the difference is between spinning, rotating, turning, rolling and twisting.

We have found out what happens to paint when you put it in a salad spinner and spin.  

Our responsive, interactive display has a variety of spinning resources on it.

If you continue this investigation at home and make any discoveries we would love to know what you have found out.

Mrs Newman