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Wow Day

Our Autumn 2 topic launched this week with a wow day on Monday.

If you saw our curriculum newsletter in September, you will have noticed that our Autumn term was split into two topics. Our new topic is called: Can you help me?

Our main topic text (supporting story) is the traditional tale, The Little Red Hen, which tells the story of a hen who grew some wheat to make some bread. The hen asked her farmyard friends to help her during every step of the process and they refused. Until it was time to eat the bread!

On Monday, during snack time, we launched the topic by tasting breads from around the world. Yum!

Other books and stories which will be covered during this topic have been chosen for their key message about helpfulness, kindness and collaboration.  These concepts all feature in either the whole school golden rules or our school learning behaviours which you can read more about on this website.