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  • 20/11/20

    Not all heroes wear capes...

    Our topic focus for Autumn term is 'Super me, Super you'  Last week we had a special dress up day. Children were asked to come dressed up as someone they thought of as a hero. We had a wonderful selection of superheroes such as Batman and Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl. We also had...
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  • 31/10/20

    Spooky themed fun

    With Halloween approaching, the children were showing great interest in all things spooky and magical. We decided to plan some activities to provide learning opportunities linked to this interest.  The children explored capacity, cause and effect, sinking and floating, texture and colour mix...
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  • 31/10/20

    Learning to write letters

    We have begun introducing pre-cursive letter formation to the children during our weekly handwriting lesson. We also practice letter formation as part of our daily Phonics lessons. All the grown ups in Squirrels, Rabbits and Badgers have been really pleased with how hard the children are trying e...
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  • 02/10/20

    Welcome to Squirrels, Badgers and Rabbits

    The new Reception children have settled in to life at 'big school' beautifully. All the grown ups have been so impressed with how well they have adjusted and how enthusiastic and curious they are. Children have spent their first few weeks getting to know our new routines, exploring the envir...
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  • 21/04/20

    Hello everyone!

    A big hello to all our children and parents. We hope you are all staying safe and well at home. All the grown ups miss you all terribly but knowing you are safe makes us feel better. As does seeing all the things your parents are sharing with us on Tapestry. We check it regularly and it is so wonder...
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  • 14/02/20

    Marshmallow dinosaurs

    The children are loving our dinosaur topic. This month we wanted to give them an opportunity to explore everything they had been learning about dinosaur bones, dinosaur fossils and the different types of dinosaurs. The children worked together in small groups to create a 'marshmallow dinosaur...
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  • 17/01/20

    Dinosaurs are here again!

    Our topic focus for the Spring term is 'Digging for Dinosaurs' 
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  • 22/11/19

    Money, money, money!

    For the past couple of weeks children have been learning all about money in Maths. They have learnt to recognise 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins. They have talked about the similarities and differences between each coin. They have shared activities with adults where they match the coin to its equ...
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  • 04/11/19

    We are superheroes!

    Our topic this term is 'Super me, Super you' and we have been learning all about the different things that make us all special - or super. Children (and grown ups!) had lots of fun dressing up and creating our own costumes using material and card to make capes, hats, wristbands and belts...
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  • 14/09/19

    Welcome to the Stopsley family!

    On Tuesday 10th Sept Mrs Johnstone, Ms Williams, Ms Begg and all the Early Years adults were very excited to welcome the new children for their very first day at 'big school'. What a wonderful first day it was! In fact it was a wonderful first week. The children were an absolute delight and...
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  • 23/07/19

    End of the year trip to the farm

    On our final Tuesday together, children and staff spent a lovely day at Mead Open farm. The weather was glorious and the children were an excellent example of just how wonderful our children at Stopsley are. We got to consolidate our half terms learning about animals, see grown up versions of t...
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