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There was much excitement in Reception classes on Monday when some dinosaurs invaded our school hall! Each class had great fun learning lots of dino facts and getting up close and personal with the models. They got to see and touch some real life dinosaur fossils. Every child got to see and hold a duck bill dinosaur egg fossil complete with an x-ray of the baby dinosaur which is fossilized inside of it - very cool! There were a few giggles when we got to see a fossilized dino poop! 

The children learnt about different kinds of dinosaurs, such as Herbivores and Carnivores. They learnt how dinosaurs are now extinct and what that word means. Children also got to discover how different dinosaurs had different adaptations such as long necks, sharp claws or short front legs and how they used these to help them get food. Everyone learnt lots and had a fabulous time - thank you very much to Graham, our Paleotologist, who delivered 3 fantastic workshops. We can't wait to learn more about dinosaurs this half term.