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Deliquent Dino and the doo-doo disaster!

Yesterday, the children in Reception were horrified to discover dinosaur poop on their playground! It appears a delinquent dino had visited our again playground while we were all asleep. Last week we found footprints which was a far nicer discovery than this one... 

All the children agreed that this was not acceptable. They decided we needed to catch the dinosaur responsible and teach them some toileting etiquette as, clearly, they aren't aware that the rules have changed since the Jurassic era.

To help track down the naughty dinosaur, the children were all very eager to create a wanted poster offering some very generous rewards! Just look at all our wonderful writing!

We hope to find the culprit soon and will get working on a set of toilet rules to help them avoid this unfortunate mistake in the future. In the meantime the children are grateful that the teachers sorting the problem pair of rubber gloves and some disinfectant - phew!

If anyone has any information which could help us please do let us know in writing