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People who help us

As part of our 'Terrific Transport' topic we have been looking at how people use vehicles to do their jobs. We have looked at diggers for builders, tractors for farmers and ride on mowers for gardeners. We also looked at police cars for police, ambulances for paramedics and fire engines for fire fighters. 

This week we were very lucky to have some special visitors come and talk to us about their jobs and how their vehicles help them to help others. On Tuesday we had a police officer visit us. She told us all about her job and showed us lots of examples of the types of vehicles used by the police. She even told us how the police officers turn on the sirens which was very interesting!

On Wednesday we had some paramedics visit us. They told us all about how they help people and even taught us some simple First Aid as well as showing us how they teach grown ups to do CPR using the Annie doll. We also got to see a paramedic car up close as well as hear the siren and see the flashing lights.

Many of the children felt inspired by their visits and said they think they would like to be a paramedic or a police officer when they grow up. 

On Thursday we looked at adjectives and thought of all the different adjectives we could use to describe the people who help us - doctors, nurses, firefighters, teachers, builders, crossing patrol, refuse collectors etc. We even learnt some new words such as 'protective', 'focussed', 'considerate' and 'diligent'. 

What a great week of learning! Thank you to our special visitors for sharing their time with us.