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Reception's dinosaur workshop

For our sensational start to our new topic 'DINOSAURS' Reception were lucky enough to get a visit from Dino Girl K.

During the workshop, the children learnt lots about all the different types of dinosaurs. They were surprised to discover that herbivore dinosaurs ate stones to help with their digestion and thoroughly enjoyed acting out how a Trex got up after falling down. The children found this a challenge as Trex's had such small arms, but Rabbits and Squirrels were determined to get up!

The children were also lucky enough to take part in a dinosaur dig where they imagined they were palaeontologists searching for fossils. They stomped like a stegosaurus using dinosaur stilts and finally got to take selfies with the dinosaurs. 

It was a fantastic morning and the children were excited to get back to the classroom to share everything they had learnt!