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Year 2

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  • 02/02/24

    2D and 3D shapes

    This term, the children have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We used concrete resources to check for edges, vertices and faces on the 3D shapes.
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  • 07/01/24

    New Year, New Algorithms

    Welcome back to school! It's a brand new year and the children are keen to learn. This week, the children have been learning how to create codes and algorithms in Computing. The children worked together to create codes and then debug them. 
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  • 12/12/23

    Family Christmas Craft

    The children really enjoyed spending some time with their parents, carers and family friends this afternoon to make some Christmas themed crafts. 
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  • 06/12/23

    A Midwife Crisis

    Year 2 have worked really hard this half term to put together a Christmas performance. The children are very excited to show parents, carers and siblings their show. Lights, camera, action!
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  • 17/11/23

    Children In Need Bear-pees Challenge

    The children in Year 2 enjoyed taking part in the Children in Need Bear-pees challenge, with a very special visitor!
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  • 02/11/23

    Writing a Debate in English

    The children in Year 2 are learning the skill of debating in their English lessons. Our debate question is centred around the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and asks 'was Jack right to sell the cow for magic beans?' It certainly has sparked some interesting opinions!
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  • 19/10/23

    William Morris Art

    The children in Year 2 have been learning about the work of the artist William Morris. They have explored a range of printing techniques and have enjoyed using tiles to print their own design onto paper.
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  • 16/10/23

    Preparing to Bridge Across 10

    In preparation for learning a new addition method, Year 2 are recapping their partitioning skills with numbers to 10. Later this week, the children will be learning the 'jelly bean method' to add numbers that bridge across 10.
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  • 12/09/23

    Dreams and Aspirations

    During their second week of Year 2, the children have been thinking about their dreams and aspirations for the year. The children have learnt new ways to make wishes, such as blowing out candles on our birthday and throwing coins into wishing wells. This week they have worked hard to make their own...
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  • 11/09/23

    Settling into Year 2

    Welcome to Year 2! The children have been settling in to their new classrooms with their new teacher. They have worked hard to collaborate together and share ideas in English, Maths and PSHE. 
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  • 14/07/23

    Whipsnade Zoo

    Year 2 visited Whipsnade Zoo this week. We were so excited to go on the bus and couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that it was a double decker! When we got to the zoo, we saw lots of different animals; including penguins, cheetahs, hippos and rhinos. After lunch, we went on the steam train wh...
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  • 23/06/23

    Dips and dippers!

    In DT this week, we made dips and dippers! We started the day by tasting different dips and thinking about what flavours we could taste. We also tried different dippers. In the afternoon, we made our own dips! We had to read the recipes carefully and use our cutting skills. We loved our grown ups co...
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