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Year 2

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  • 09/06/21

    Journey through Africa

    As an introduction to our topic Out of Africa, the children went on a journey through Africa. On their journey, the children identified a range of African rivers, trees and animals before reaching an African market where they were able to see different fruits and ingredients as well as African patte...
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  • 28/05/21

    Sandwich making

    As part of our learning on healthy eating in PSHE this week, the children have designed their own healthy sandwich. They then followed their designs and made the sandwich. 
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  • 20/05/21

    The Great Fire of London

    As part of our learning on The Great Fire of London, the children learnt about how Tudor houses were made. They worked in groups to make their own Tudor house. The houses were then set on fire and the children learnt about why the fire spread so quickly. 
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  • 17/05/21

    Athletics Festival

    The children in Year 2 took part in an athletics festival this week.  They took part in a variety of activities in their houses and competed with the other houses. 
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  • 19/04/21

    Reading detectives!

    Today the children in Year 2 became reading detectives. The children had to find clues and make inferences to help them find our more information about the Great Fire of London. 
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  • 13/04/21

    Dance! Dance! Dance

    The children in Year 2 enjoyed their first dance lesson with Katie this week. They learnt to count beats in the music, practised a dance routine and added their own dance moves to it while keeping in time with the music. 
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  • 19/03/21

    Red Nose Day

    The Year 2 children have had a great day wearing red today to raise awareness for Comic Relief. 
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  • 18/03/21

    Worry dolls

    In PSHE the children in year 2 have been exploring how they feel about different things. The children listened to the story Silly Billy by Anthony Browne. They learnt about worry dolls and then designed and made their own worry doll.
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  • 23/02/21

    Hard-working Year 2 Children

    Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 2 have been working extremely hard to complete their distance learning. They are regularly acting on their teachers' feedback to make their work even better. We are all very proud of their efforts and can't wait to see them all when we return to...
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  • 18/12/20

    Bronze Learner Award!

    A huge well done to Macie  who is the first person in Matisse class to get her bronze learning award this year. We are all incredibly proud of her. Keep up the good work!
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  • 17/12/20

    Christmas Party!

    The children in Year 2 have spent this afternoon (Thursday 17th December) having their Christmas party. They danced and played party games and finished it off with a drink of juice and a packet of crisps. 
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  • 17/12/20

    Santa came to visit!

    The children in Year 2 were very excited yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 16th December) as they had a visit from a very important person... Santa. He wished them all a Merry Christmas and left a sack of presents for the children.
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