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Message from Miss Coceal

Thinking Ahead....

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all well and having some great moments in the sun. It was lovely to see some of you at the transition meetings on Thursday and I hope that you liked seeing your friends and meeting your new teachers.

This week, in your PSHE sessions, you are going to be doing lots of reflecting on your time in Year 2 and also about what you would like to share with your new teachers. Sometimes it is tricky to think of our favourite things, so the sessions will help you to think about things that make you special!

In your Creative sessions, you will be exploring an art style called pointillism. You might have already tried this before using cotton buds and paints. You will learn about different artists who used the art style in their works, and you will create your own art pieces. It would be lovely to see your work, so do ask your adults to email it to the Year 2 email.

I hope you enjoy your last week before the Summer break. Remember to keep active and have lots of fresh air. The photograph I have taken is of one of the walks that I like to go on! 

Miss Coceal