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Year 3

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  • 19/07/24

    Sustainable Cities

    This half-term, we have been learning about sustainable cities. We researched three different sustainable cities in the world and identified features. We focused on energy, transport, food, waste and green spaces. The children then worked in small groups to design their own city. 
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  • 28/06/24


    We have been practising our dance for the last term and we are now getting nearer to our final performance. We have been practising hard and have now learnt the whole dance. On Wednesday 10th July, we will be wearing bright tops and dark bottoms and making our very own dance video to showcase a...
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  • 10/05/24

    Ancient Egyptian trip

    Year 3 visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford this week to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians. We took part in an Egypt detectives workshop to learn more about what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians. We got to see lots artefacts and even got to hold some. 
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  • 19/04/24

    Bread making

    This week, we had a DT day in which we got to sample and evaluate different types of bread. We then looked at different shapes of bread and created our own design. After that, we worked as a team to measure our ingredients to make our bread. 
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  • 22/03/24

    Farm Visit

    As part of our learning this half term, we had a visit from Ark Farm. The children enjoyed learning what animals need to help them survive and how their skeletons are different. Children got to have some hands on experience. 
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  • 29/02/24

    Weird and Wonderful Creatures

    As part of our Global Goals week, we looked at animal skeletons and identified which animals they belong to. We then used parts of animal skeletons to create our own animals. Children had a lot of fun doing this. 
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  • 26/01/24

    Healthy eating

    In PSHE this half term, we have been learning about making healthy choices. One of our activities was to identify which snacks were healthy and which were unhealthy.     
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  • 15/12/23

    Stone Age Workshop

    To end our learning on Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, we took part in a whole-day workshop. The children had the chance to handle artefacts such as a mammoth rib, seal skin and bronze tools. Our guest speaker was very informative and told us lots of fantastic facts. 
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  • 28/11/23


    This half term, children have been learning about ways of communicating with each other. As part of this, they have learnt to receive and send emails. Children have also discussed how to keep themselves and others safe whilst emailing. 
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  • 20/10/23

    Conker fun!

    As part of our 100 Things To Do Before You Leave Stopsley, we have been learning how to play conkers. We had lots of fun with our friends and learnt a new game. 
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  • 26/09/23

    Stone Age

    This week in History, the children had an introduction to Stone Age. They learnt about cave paintings and Stone Age jewellery. They also had a chance to design and create their own.
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  • 20/07/23

    Platinum Winner!

    A huge well done to Bianca who is the school's first ever Platinum certificate winner! Bianca is clearly an amazing role model for other children. She has collected 400 House Points this year to surpass the Bronze Learner, Silver Learner and Gold Learner badges. Bianca was presented her cer...
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