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Year 3

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  • 24/06/22

    Growing and Planting

    Over the last few weeks, children in year 3 have had lots of fun learning about plants. On our first lesson, children walked into their classrooms to find a crime scene. Children quickly identified a plant had been murdered! This was a great way to start learning about parts of a plant and if plants...
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  • 23/05/22

    Our trip to the British Museum

    Last week, children and staff in Year 3 enjoyed a lovely day in London. We went to the British Museum to see the Egyptian artefacts. Children were amazed to see the mummies and the tombs. We also managed to see artefacts from Africa, clocks and watches and money from around the world. 
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  • 25/04/22

    Rights and Responsibilities

    In our PSHE lessons this half term, we have been learning about rights and responsibilities. Across the year group we had discussions on children's rights and then compared them to rights of adults. We understood that human rights help make the world a better place - this helps people...
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  • 24/03/22

    Benin Art

    This half-term our topic was Kingdom of Benin. As part of their topic children had the opportunity to look at a range of artefacts related to Benin. Pupils designed, made and evaluated their bronze plaques. The work taken place is engraving, and carving the plaques was amazing. 
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  • 23/02/22

    Bread Making

    Children enjoyed learning all about bread. The day started by tasting a variety of breads from around the world. They then moved onto using the internet to research which countries particular breads came from. All children then worked collaboratively to follow a recipe to make br...
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  • 25/01/22

    Stick Drumming

    Every Friday morning, Year 3 have a music specialist come into school to do stick drumming. Children are learning to read and play rhythmic pieces as a class.  This is a fun end to the week where all children and adults enjoy joining in. 
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  • 10/12/21

    Christmas Fun

    This week Year 3 parents and children enjoyed a Christmas craft morning at school. Children in Year 3 had written instructions in their English lessons on how to make a tealight snowman. These instructions were followed to make some amazing snowmen. The hall was full of fun and creativity...
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  • 30/11/21

    Stopsley Village

    This month Year 3 had a field trip around Stopsley Village. The aim for this trip was to have a closer look at the environment and to identify why we might have certain things like shops and road signs. On our walk we saw many new things and places we had never stopped and looked at before. Whe...
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  • 22/10/21

    Cave Writing

    In year 3, children came into school to discover their classrooms were turned into caves. During the morning they used their plans to write a story using a historic setting. After writing their stories they edited their work to make it better and rewrote. All the stories went into a class book...
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  • 10/09/21


    Children in Year 3 have been learning about similarities and differences within people. We identified how people in our school are all unique and how we learn so much from each other. Children also discussed feelings and respecting people around us. Children finished the lesson by working in groups...
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  • 15/07/21

    Egyptian Fun!

    To end our topic on Egyptians, children and staff all came to school dressed up as Egyptians. The day was spent learning about mummification, writing in hieroglyphics and designing, making and evaluating a headdress. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 
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  • 28/05/21

    Bread Making

    This half-term our topic 'Field to Fork' has made us think how the food we eat gets to our plates. We found out some foods are imported to us and there are foods we export to other countries around the world. To end our topic we spent a day finding out about different types of breads an...
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