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Year 3

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  • 28/11/23


    This half term, children have been learning about ways of communicating with each other. As part of this, they have learnt to receive and send emails. Children have also discussed how to keep themselves and others safe whilst emailing. 
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  • 20/10/23

    Conker fun!

    As part of our 100 Things To Do Before You Leave Stopsley, we have been learning how to play conkers. We had lots of fun with our friends and learnt a new game. 
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  • 26/09/23

    Stone Age

    This week in History, the children had an introduction to Stone Age. They learnt about cave paintings and Stone Age jewellery. They also had a chance to design and create their own.
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  • 20/07/23

    Platinum Winner!

    A huge well done to Bianca who is the school's first ever Platinum certificate winner! Bianca is clearly an amazing role model for other children. She has collected 400 House Points this year to surpass the Bronze Learner, Silver Learner and Gold Learner badges. Bianca was presented her cer...
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  • 30/06/23

    Science investigation

    This half term we have been learning about what plants need for them to grow. We carried out a cress investigation to see which one would grow the best. We put one in the sunlight and gave it no water, one in the dark and watered it and the third had water and sunlight. We waited a week to see what...
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  • 26/05/23

    Our trip to Ashmolean Museum

    This week Year 3 went to Ashmolean Museum. The children had an amazing time looking at and learning further about Ancient Egypt. It was amazing seeing mummies and handling some artefacts from back in time. 
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  • 24/03/23

    Fun with magnets

    This half term, children have enjoyed our topic on magnets. We enjoyed looking at different types of magnets and comparing them to each other. Children then used the magnets to investigate which one would hold the most magnets. 
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  • 27/02/23

    Bread Making

    To end our topic on 'Field to Fork,' we spent the day doing a DT project on bread making. We started the morning with finding out the history of Warburtons, where we learnt many interesting facts. Once this was done, we tasted a variety of their bread, some bread we didn't know existed...
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  • 27/01/23

    Stick Drumming

    The focus in our music lessons this half term is drumming. Children have had the opportunity to learn different rhythms and are beginning to use these skills to play alongside popular songs.     
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  • 16/12/22

    Christmas Crafts

    Over the last few weeks, children enjoyed learning the key features of instruction writing. To end their unit every child wrote a set of instructions for making a tealight snowman. These instructions were then used by the adults who attended the Year 3 Christmas craft morning. Some amazing teal...
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  • 21/11/22


    During the last few weeks, children have been learning about volcanoes. To end our topic the children in each class were asked to work collaboratively as a table group to design and make a volcano using a variety of resources and skills. Once the volcanoes were made, the children made a volcanic eru...
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