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Year 3

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  • 10/12/21

    Christmas Fun

    This week Year 3 parents and children enjoyed a Christmas craft morning at school. Children in Year 3 had written instructions in their English lessons on how to make a tealight snowman. These instructions were followed to make some amazing snowmen. The hall was full of fun and creativity...
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  • 30/11/21

    Stopsley Village

    This month Year 3 had a field trip around Stopsley Village. The aim for this trip was to have a closer look at the environment and to identify why we might have certain things like shops and road signs. On our walk we saw many new things and places we had never stopped and looked at before. Whe...
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  • 22/10/21

    Cave Writing

    In year 3, children came into school to discover their classrooms were turned into caves. During the morning they used their plans to write a story using a historic setting. After writing their stories they edited their work to make it better and rewrote. All the stories went into a class book...
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  • 10/09/21


    Children in Year 3 have been learning about similarities and differences within people. We identified how people in our school are all unique and how we learn so much from each other. Children also discussed feelings and respecting people around us. Children finished the lesson by working in groups...
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  • 15/07/21

    Egyptian Fun!

    To end our topic on Egyptians, children and staff all came to school dressed up as Egyptians. The day was spent learning about mummification, writing in hieroglyphics and designing, making and evaluating a headdress. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 
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  • 28/05/21

    Bread Making

    This half-term our topic 'Field to Fork' has made us think how the food we eat gets to our plates. We found out some foods are imported to us and there are foods we export to other countries around the world. To end our topic we spent a day finding out about different types of breads an...
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  • 30/04/21


    Children have really enjoyed learning to play the ukuleles this half term with Mrs Knight. The first thing they learnt was the importance of holding a ukulele properly in order to get the best sound and to be comfortable when playing. They have also learnt to strum and pluck the strin...
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  • 26/03/21

    Art inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

    Over the last few weeks children have been learning about a famous artist Georgia O'Keefe. They began the mini topic by looking at and discussing some of her drawing. Children used a variety of media and skills to draw and paint flowers. They also learnt lots about colour mixing and us...
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  • 24/02/21

    Geography in the UK

    Year 3 have been studying Geography in the UK. To finish the topic we asked all the children to focus on one physical or geographical feature of one of the four nations. Rainbow class made their features out of clay. We had some amazing sculptures from the Principality Stadium, Ben Nevis, Big Ben an...
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  • 17/12/20

    An Eruption of Fun!

    This half term the children have been learning about volcanoes. They started the topic by watching a volcanic eruption and discussing what they could see and hear. This topic was also linked with our science learning on rocks. The children enjoyed learning how volcanoes are formed and...
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  • 22/10/20

    Stone Age

    This half term children have been learning about the Stone Age. Children have enjoyed learning about the story UG and then rewriting it changing parts to make it their own. Topic lessons were particularly enjoyed by the year group where they learnt about how people lived back then. Children were fas...
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  • 29/09/20

    Music is fun!

    Children in year 3 have been having great fun every Friday morning in Music. They have been lucky enough to work with Mrs Fromow, a music specialist to learn to play the boomwhackers. Children have worked as a class to read music to the song 'The Grand Old Duck of York' and pl...
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