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Year 3

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  • 02/07/20

    Oak Academy Learning

    Week beginning 29th June 2020   Year 3 have a fun filled week this week with lots of fabulous academic learning with Oak Academy. Maths this week the children have been learning all about clocks and time. English has been all about reading comprehension, finding key features and the...
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  • 22/06/20

    Monday Motivation!

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well and keeping safe. I know you are all busy learning at home. Thank you and keep it up.  We are all really proud of you! I have been busy and trying to keep positive. The poem ‘Don’t Quit’ written in 1921 by Edgar Albert Guest has helped, ins...
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  • 08/06/20

    Planting and Growing!

    Hi Year 3 Just wanted to write to say “Hello” and to let you know some of the things I have been doing recently in these unusual times. I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Oak Academy lessons for Year 3. This week I was particularly interested to take part in the Science lessons ab...
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  • 03/06/20

    What do you call a fish without eyes?

    Hi Year 3, We hope that you are safe and well. Are you keeping busy? Or are you starting to feel a bit bored and fed up? Remember that there is work on the Home Learning page of this website for you to do, and you could also spend some of your time playing games, reading stories, writing stori...
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  • 04/03/20

    Have you seen the Iron Man?

    We received an important message telling us that a strange iron creature had been spotted around the Stopsley area. As a class, we created a description of the being and then created our own story stones to spread the word. We put these around the school in the hope that someone would find...
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  • 25/02/20

    Mental Health Week 2020!

    Year 3 got involved in Mental Health Week 2020. Each class took part in exciting activities to help us understand our brains and how to look after our own mental health. We shared a special item and even got to write diary entries about our own lives! 
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  • 16/01/20

    Roman Day!

    Year 3 became Romans for the day and created their very own historical masterpieces! The children carefully followed instructions to make wreaths, swords, cuffs and information books. We all got into the Roman spirit and had a fantastic day!
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  • 11/11/19

    Year 3 are WILD about animals!

    Year 3 had a WILD time when Safari Stu visited and showed them lots of amazing animals. They loved finding out all about all the animals he brought along and finding out where they live in the wild. They also got the chance to hold lots of them, including:  cockroaches, snak...
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  • 19/09/19

    News Flash!

    An urgent news report in year 3 informed children of mysterious items being found in the Stopsley area. Of course the children investigated immediately by scouring the school grounds. They found there were fossils everywhere! It was a great way to introduce our new PWP text, Stone Girl Bone Girl.
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  • 19/09/19

    Good friends in year 3

    For the start of our school year the children have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how they can be good friends to each other. If their fantastic ideas and examples of good friends are anything to go by, we’re going to have a great time in year 3.
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  • 17/07/19

    Wild Summer Flowers

    Inspired by the beautiful wild flowers on Hitchin road and the work of Yvonne Coomber, some year 3 children have created their own wild flower pictures. Using the techniques of Yvonne Coomber they had lots of creative, messy fun.
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  • 12/06/19

    Quentin Blake

    Year 3 have been busy creating amazing artwork for sale at the summer fete. Linked to our PWP text, the Chocolate room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children have been learning all about Quentin Blake; his light box method and using watercolours. We think you’ll be amazed by the...
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