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Year 4

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  • 24/05/24


    This half-term, we have been working with LTFC for our PSHE learning. We have learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy and the benefits of exercise. We also thought about how exercise can help our mental health and wellbeing. 
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  • 26/04/24

    Smoothie Day

    During DT this week, we worked in groups to design our own smoothies. We researched ingredients, thought about the audience and created an advert. After that, we designed and made some packaging. Finally, we had lots of fun making our own smoothie using a smoothie bike.
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  • 28/03/24


    In Science this half term, we have been learning about sound. This week, we explored how sound travels using a string telephone. We were able to explain how the vibrations from the sound source travel to help us to hear over longer distances and used lots of scientific vocabulary whilst we were work...
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  • 01/03/24

    Global Goals Week

    This week we have been learning about the Global Goals 'Climate Action' and 'Life Below Water' where we focused on plastic pollution in our seas. Art is often a good way to represent different messages so we looked at some existing artwork around plastic pollution to inspire us...
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  • 22/01/24


    In D.T. this week, we have been investigating and making switches. We used our learning from Science to help us to think about conductors and insulators  which helped us to decide what resources to use. Our teachers gave us two ideas to try and make and then we challenged ourselves to make...
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  • 29/11/23

    Changing States

    We worked in groups to plan an investigation to answer the question 'What is the best temperature to melt chocolate?'. We had to think about what we would measure, change and keep the same to make it a fair test. We used thermometers to record the temperature and stop watches to measure the...
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  • 17/10/23


    This half term, we have really enjoyed working with Billy to learn more about drumming. We even turned our chairs into instruments and this week we performed a piece of music as a class. 
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  • 29/09/23

    Working Scientifically

    This week, we were set the challenge of finding out what material would make the best parachute to save Icarus. To do this, we had to plan and carry out a fair test. We thought about what we would measure, what we would keep the same and what we would need to change. We really enjoyed testing the pa...
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  • 27/06/23

    Making an Explosion!

    In Art, we looked at and evaluated the work of Nick Rowland. Then we experimented with using straws, toothbrushes and paint brushes to create different effects. Finally, we created our own masterpieces as you can see in action above! 
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  • 26/05/23

    Identifying Invertebrate

    In science, we have been learning how to use classification keys to help us to identify different invertebrates within our school grounds. 
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  • 27/04/23


    In Geography, we have been learning about settlements. We began by thinking about what early settlers would have needed and decided that water, shelter and food were the most important things. We studied different settlements and explored why they were good locations. Today, we have u...
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  • 31/03/23

    Cadbury World!

    We had the best time during our trip to Cadbury World. We learnt how chocolate is made, experimented with chocolate and took part in lots of fun, chocolate related activities!
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