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Year 4

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  • 11/11/19

    CHILL study visit

    A small number of children have taken part in a CHILL study, CHILL stands for Children's Health In London and Luton. After the children had their measurements taken and were given a pedometer to wear for the week, the whole year group took part in a science lesson where they learnt about DN...
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  • 31/10/19

    Dia de los Muertos

    Year 4 have had an exciting start to our 'Dia de los Muertos' topic this week. We have enjoyed making predictions about our new book, listening to the story and having a 'cinema' experience watching the moving Coco. Don't forget to ask your child about our story and their learnin...
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  • 13/09/19

    Enrichment Friday

    The children have settled very quickly into life in Year 4. They are thoroughly enjoying our enrichment Fridays where they have an afternoon of PE. The children have a dance, mindfulness and a curriculum PE lesson. Ask the children to show you some of their yoga poses.
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  • 28/06/19

    Work-mania at Kidzania

    An inspiring day for Year 4 as they entered a world where the children get to run the world.  From being firefighters and actually putting out fires to running the bank or becoming vets, the children had the chance to try out many different careers, earning money as they go.  Day full...
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  • 22/05/19

    Wild Things!

    A big thank you to Claire from West End in Schools who led a brilliant 'Bringing Books to Life' workshop for years 3 and 4. Based on the book, 'Where the Wild Things Are, 'by Maurice Sendak, the children explored storytelling as a physical expression. Without voice, they created...
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  • 15/04/19

    Year Four Faith Tour

    At the end of the Spring term, Year 4's Religious Education was brought to life with a first-hand experience of three different faiths that are close to our community. We were wonderfully welcomed into a Sikh gurdwara, an Islamic mosque and a Christian church. We learnt of the different traditio...
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  • 15/03/19

    Full steam ahead!

    Year 4 have been excited to learn about the earliest and most significant steam locomotives. We have described how and why the rail network in Britain changed and grew over time, and we will debate the positive and negative impact of the first railways on different aspects of society.  To co...
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  • 25/02/19

    The Sound of Science

    At the end of the half term, Years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to be visited by the Gabrieli Roar choral organisation, who were accompanied by a brass quintet. Not only did we enjoy a singing workshop, we were able to consolidate our learning in Science around the topic of 'sound'...
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  • 21/12/18

    A flaming good time in Year 4!

    After a day of shield making, bread baking and rune code breaking, our Year 4 Viking warriors gathered in our great longhouse to share in 'conquering the monster' storytelling and kenning poems.  We feasted on our delicious home-made bread and honey, too.  As a fabulous f...
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  • 05/11/18

    Land Art

    Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, Year 4 enjoyed making their own Land Art. Using only natural resources, the children focused on creating repeat pattern, concentric shapes and rotational symmetry. 
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  • 23/09/18

    What a hoot!

    Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Dave the Owl Man, who brought with him some of his feathery friends! We met Plop the Barn Owl, Spot the African Spotted Owl and a Harris' Hawk named Nigel. The children learnt lots of fascinating facts which they will be writing about in their non-c...
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  • 21/06/18

    Pop-up Books

    Year 4 have been practising their Design Technology skills by making pop-up books. We had to listen and follow the instructions carefully. After we had mastered the basics, we were able to choose our favourite fold and show off our skills. Once we fastened the pages together, we added details such a...
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