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Year 5

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  • 05/06/20


    We hope that you are all well and that you are being kind to yourself and others.  What kind act will you do today?
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  • 14/02/20

    Fun With Fractions

    A fantastic time was had by all at the Fun With Fractions evening. We enjoyed exploring different resources that could support children in their learning of fractions, including pizza and chocolate. Watch this space for the next parent event. 
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  • 16/01/20

    Maya Workshop

    On Tuesday, the children had a special visitor, a real Maya archaeologist; in fact, the only Maya archaeologist in the UK! The children started off the day with a presentation from Dr Davies, where the children learnt about the ancient but advanced civilisation. The Maya's built beautiful p...
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  • 25/11/19

    Christmas Craft Week

    This week we are getting in the festive spirit by making Christmas decorations. We are experimenting with different skills, including sewing, to make decorations to decorate the school and our homes. We will also be practising our singing ready for the Christmas concert next week! 
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  • 31/10/19

    World War One Workshop

    Year 5 had a fantastic day learning all about World War 1. We learnt about the causes of WW1 and how the feud actually started 20 years before the war began. We saw and held genuine WW1 artefacts which helped us to imagine how difficult fighting must have been. In the afternoon, we practised our cod...
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  • 18/10/19

    Cake Sale

    On Tuesday, the Year 5 children held a cake sale to raise money to support the costs of the workshops and trips in Year 5. We were blown away by the donations of cakes and biscuits, as well as the children's mature attitude when selling to other children. We were able to raise a phenomenal...
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  • 08/09/19

    Back to school

    On Wednesday, the children returned to Stopsley. The Year 5 teachers have been thoroughly impressed by the children's attitude towards the new academic year. The children are eager and ready for the excitement and opportunities that Year 5 will bring. Keep an eye on the Blog area to keep updated...
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  • 22/07/19

    End of the Year!

    What a fantastic year! We are so proud of the Y5 children. This year they have achieved so much, working harder than ever before. With the new learning behaviours, which they have worked on all year, to the impeccable behaviour during visits outside of school as well as around school th...
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  • 19/06/19

    Space Centre

    Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Space Centre! We were amazed by the models and artefacts that were on show. We walked 144 steps to reach the top of a rocket - most of us took the lift back down! By far, our favourite part of the day was a movie in the Planetarium, although it gave some of us moti...
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  • 01/05/19

    Maya Workshop

    This term we have been learning about the ancient Maya civilisation. We were lucky enough to have a Maya archaeologist and expert come to Stopsley to teach the children all that she has found in the central American rainforests. The children found out about the Maya number system, their calenda...
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  • 15/03/19

    Cracking Codes!

    As part of British Science Week, Year 5 were visited by Dr Davies. Dr Davies told the children about secret text messages that the teachers had been sending to each other. However, the messages were all encoded! The children worked as teams to decode the messages and reveal the secrets that the teac...
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  • 07/02/19

    Editing our own writing

    In Year 5, we have been practising editing our work. First we proof-read which is where we check for spelling and punctuation errors and then we change words and sentences to enhance the meaning of the text. Using a purple pen, we make our corrections above where we have written. We do this...
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