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Messages from Rainbow Class

Hello, Year 5! In Rainbow class we have been doing a lot of fun stuff as well as learning. We are learning lots of new things just like you. There is a really fun game called 'Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza' and people, like me, have learnt card tricks. One of the best things about Rainbow Class is that we have teddies. Our teachers are Mrs McDonald and Miss Wilkinson. TAs are Mrs Richards, Miss Mann and Mrs Fretwell. Maria

To Year 5, during this tough time my respect for the teachers has grown. I know if I would not have been in Rainbows Class, the only thing I would be able to do is watch TV. The teachers have been the greatest help I have ever had in my life. I have made new friends but miss everyone at home. Yasmin

In Year 5, we play games when we finish our work. Hope to see you soon. Rehan

In this tough time, Rainbow Class is an excellent, magnificent class. We sometimes play and right now we are making our own game. Maths and English have made us much more intelligent. Aleah

To Year 5, we have missed you and when we are here we have loving, caring teachers. We love all of our teachers. We do work and art. Cyrus

Dear Year 5, we are so grateful that we are all having a good time and are making sure that we stay safe. Ella

In Rainbow Class, we have been doing lessons as well as playing games. We should see you in school soon. Joshua H 

We have maths and lunch. We have nice teachers. Jack D

To Year 5, we are Rainbow Class and we do a lot of fun things. We have our own desks, we do dance on Wednesdays, PE on Thursdays and on Friday we have Golden Time. We stay apart from eachother because of Covid. Raul 

Hello Year 5! Being at school is an awesome opportunity plus we have amazing teachers. At school, we have wonderful school days. We have been learning tennis in PE, learning fractions and drinking hot chocolate.

We have lunch in the classroom, not the dining room. After lunch, we play inside and then go outside. Eliza 

Hello, we are having a great time. We are learning a lot and having fun. Our friends need to social distance and we have to wash our hands. Sabrina