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Roles and Responsibilties in Year 6

Being in Year 6 means having the opportunity to demonstrate our leadership skills and help make our school a great place for all adults and children. Over the past few weeks, we have been applying for roles that we find interesting (a bit like jobs). These are: Prefects, House Captains and Play Leaders. Read on to find out what each role involves. 


Playleaders make games on the playground for children who are lonely to join in with our games. We run on a rota each day so we know when we have our duty and wear orange badges so people know we are play leaders. Playleaders get to go in for early lunch. They do their jobs at lunchtimes, but not at breaktimes.

By Oly 


We have 6 prefects per class (18 altogether). All of our prefects are well behaved, caring, and responsible and enjoy the time doing their job. We have certain duties, which we do on certain days, to help teachers at lunchtime. The duties are: corridor duty, playtime duty, library duty and dinner hall duty. Every Monday and Tuesday, we get to go to our chosen class, chosen by Mr Dymock, to support the teachers. Every fortnight, on Thursday we have meetings to see how we are getting on.

By Vienna 


House Captains

A house captain is someone who looks after the houses: Saxons, Vikings, Romans and Normans. We make sure that our houses help the team to win sports day. Two people from go around the school- one takes KS1 and one takes KS2 to collect the house points each week. We then count the tokens that go into the tubes. At the end of the year we count up the tokens to get a final total to see which house has won. We are also needed to help with running sports day and representing our house as good role models.

By Isabella