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A message from Miss Britten

To Murray Class and Year 6,

I wanted to write to you because, like every other teacher and child in the country, I am really missing being at school. No matter how much we miss being at school, the key thing to remember is that staying at home is the safest thing for us now. It does upset me that we have had time taken away from us because I feel like our year was only just getting started. I hope that you and your families have been keeping safe and taking the time to enjoy spending time together.

Make sure you have been dipping in and out of doing some school work just to keep that brain ticking over. But also, take the time to learn some new skills like: baking, ironing, tidying the house, making dens in the garden etc.

Just an update on what I have been doing over the last few weeks (aside from school work!):

  • Spending lots of time on video chat to my family. I am missing them a lot- make sure you are keeping in contact with people, it is important at this point!
  • Learning Spanish- Yes, I know we learn French at school but I have always wanted to learn Spanish. I downloaded an app and have been doing half an hour each day and it has been the best decision ever!
  • I found some face paints. The rest was history.
  • I have been reading LOTS. I forgot how much I love reading and it has been great to have the time to do more.
  • I have been enjoying having more time to cook (and eat!). I think I will need to get onto those Joe Wicks videos a couple of times a day at least!
  • Decorating- I have been able to finish many little jobs around the house I have been putting off.

Anyway, enough about what I have been up to. I would like to hear what you have been doing. If you would like to write a letter back, you can email it to with the subject ‘Dear Miss Britten and your name’.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe, keep smiling.

Miss Britten.