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Year 2 Family Learning

This is what parents and children thought about the recent Keeping Up with Children in English for Year 2:


I‘ve learned how to help my son in this class with writing and storytelling.  The websites have been really good as my son has trouble concentrating and focusing.  So the games have really helped.  I also enjoyed doing the puppets and stories. 

I’ve probably learned more in these books than in high school at all!

It was great to meet the teacher.  I hope to meet you with another course.  We have learnt a lot!  Good luck!

I have enjoyed refreshing my own knowledge to be able to support my son’s learning.  Great resources provided for us to be able to continue this at home.  Story puppets and story dice for comprehension-great!!

Expanded noun phrases worksheets were very useful.  It was good to see how the children work and what is expected at this stage.

Lovely teacher.  Learnt lots of different ways to help my son use grammar.  Loved the resources we were given.

The course really helped me to understand what my daughter is doing in class.  I can now help her at home.


I found it very interesting.  I was wondering what the course would be like.  I enjoyed doing challenges and work with mummy.  I like challenges! I enjoyed cutting out. I liked coming to family room to see my mum. The best thing about the course was watching the story “Tiger came to tea”.

I liked the course.  I liked to come and see my mummy. 

I enjoyed the course, it was fun!  I enjoyed doing the handwriting and when we were writing the labels of the food in the fridge.  I learned something new, the use of apostrophe.

I enjoyed the course, when we had to cut out the masks.  I liked all of it. I liked best to see my mum.

Here are some pictures from the recent course.