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HEART values

Stopsley Community Primary School and Nursery is an inclusive, caring place in which each individual is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our learning community is built upon the shared belief that the development of each child must be at the HEART of everything we do.

Our HEART values are:

Hope   Enjoy   Achieve   Responsibility   Togetherness

Through this values based approach, we are committed to providing a safe and happy environment in which each individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and be inspired to exceed expectations. We expect the children to 'live' the HEART values through deliberate attitudes, where they can discover the very best of themselves. It equips pupils with social skills that help them co-operate and relate to others effectively. It provides them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential and to succeed in the wider world.

There is a little more information below to explain what the HEART values look like...

Hope to instil an optimistic attitude, expecting good and positive outcomes with inner confidence.
Enjoy learning and developing safely and well.
Achieve success and build resilience and perseverance.
Responsibility for our own actions, property and encourage good choices showing respect.

working well alongside others, developing positive friendships, proud of each other's achievements and creating a 'bully-free' zone.

These values underpin the vision for our school:

We give our children the skills and mind-set to become confident, resilient change-makers who are empowered to make a difference to their own lives, to their community and to their world - both now and in the future.