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Pupil Leadership Team

Welcome to our Pupil Leadership Team. This group of very talented year 5 and year 6 children help with important work across the school. They are real ambassadors for everything that we do and they work closely with our Senior Leadership Team to help make key decisions, providing the view of the children.

Our Pupil Leadership Team meet regularly during the school year. The team is made up of two representatives from our Prefects, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Well-Being Champions and School Councillors. The children are elected by the other children who are in these groups.

Occasionally, our Pupil Leadership Team attend our Governing Board meetings. They speak to the governors and update them about some of the things that the school has been doing. They are heavily involved in recruiting new staff to the school. They show prospective new parents or visitors around the school and they also present speeches to an audience at some of our key events. If you ever need to know anything about the school or what we do, the Pupil Leadership Team are definitely the people to ask!

Our Pupil Leadership Team members for this year:

Year 5 Year 6
Abigail Maria A
Bruce Olaf
Christopher Sara
Maria P Leah