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Hello to our returning children and welcome to all of our new starters. Here is a brief introduction to the adults who are in Hedgehog class each day...

Mrs Newman is the class teacher. She really loves story time and number time. She enjoys creative activities too.

Mrs Wiles loves doing puzzles and singing songs.

Mrs Agolli-Hoxha loves sharing stories with individuals or at carpet time.

Mrs Allen loves to teach us new songs and use her guitar for music and movement. She loves learning new words through song time.

We always look forward to spending time with you and helping you to explore and discover new things! Hedgehogs class (Nursery) is great fun!

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  • 21/06/22

    Everyone's A Winner

    Hedgehogs class recently had our own Sports Celebration Day.
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  • 26/05/22

    Wow Week -Jubilee Celebrations

    It's the end of term, so we've been having another 'wow week' in Nursery.
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  • 22/05/22

    Black Eyeball Soup

    More on 'planning' playful learning opportunities.
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  • 13/05/22

    The Super Sound Station and the Maths Zone

    Here in Nursery we encourage children to initiate their own play and learning.
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  • 31/03/22

    If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

    In Hedgehogs we have been enjoying a 'Wow Week' themed around our topic.
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  • 28/02/22

    The first signs of Spring

    Imagine the children’s excitement when, returning from the half term break, they found that our bulbs had started to sprout.   As adults we were even more amazed because we had planted them with the children very late! Spring is a very exciting time in schools. It’s the peri...
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  • 14/01/22

    How About Losing That Pesky T?

    One of the things that our school is known for and we pride ourselves on is promoting a growth mindset.  This is something that it is never too early to start teaching. In fact, the sooner the better! Here in Hedgehog class, we are encouraging the attitude that “I can if I keep on tryi...
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  • 07/12/21

    Just add imagination

    Can we share a secret of imaginative play that will increase your enjoyment over the holidays?  A piece of fabric (pillowcase or towel) can be a cloak, a river, a grassy field or even a turban. A cardboard box might be a sleigh one minute and a cave the next.  Of course the first thi...
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  • 22/10/21

    Beginning to learn about the world beyond ourselves

    In Hedgehogs we will be looking at two global goals when we start back after the half-term break.  We have chosen the story Those Shoes to gently introduce the idea of helping those in our community who have less than us through the theme of giving.  The story is available to view on Yo...
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  • 04/07/21

    Goodbye to "Oops-a-daisies"

    This is number four in our getting ready for school series.
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  • 23/05/21

    This Says 'Me'

    This is part three of our ready for school series of blog posts.
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