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This Says 'Me'

This is part three of our ready for school series of blog posts.

In Hedgehogs class we are working on recognising our own names in readiness for starting Reception in September

As you know, the best learning happens when home and school work in partnership.

We are giving our learners every encouragement and opportunity to read and write their own names.  You can help by letting them see you label everything with their names and inspiring them to write their names in their books and on their pictures.  Why not get your child to ‘sign’ a card or letter next time you write one out?

Letter shapes are important, and it may seem like stating the obvious, but please only capitalise the first letter when you help your child to write their name.

When a Hedgehog learner writes their own name for the first time,  It is treated as a big event that is worth celebrating. We would usually take someone to see Mrs Johnstone who then admires the writing and gives them a special sticker. We also record it in their Learning Journey (scrapbook).

I remember when each of my children wrote their names for the first time, and yes, I did keep these and treasure them.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of starting Reception, please do ask any of us.