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How About Losing That Pesky T?

One of the things that our school is known for and we pride ourselves on is promoting a growth mindset.  This is something that it is never too early to start teaching. In fact, the sooner the better!

Here in Hedgehog class, we are encouraging the attitude that “I can if I keep on trying”.

Please partner with us to respond to “I can’t” with “Have you tried?” or, “You can if you keep on trying.”

We will celebrate every little milestone by featuring it on our dedicated display board with gold lettering, shiny stickers and stars!

Before long, I will be able to:

…put my arms in my coat.

…wipe my own bottom.

…put my trousers on.

…sleep without a dummy.

…use a fork and knife

(insert any new ability here}

…If I keep on trying.