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I Say Today Will Be Hot

This is how we take care of our bodies in the heat.

We've been keeping ourselves cool with lots of water activities; most importantly drinking plenty. One of the activities was washing the teddy clothes.  Learning opportunities included wringing them out and pegging them on the washing line; super hand strengthening skills.  We squirted one another with trigger spray bottles (skills included the fine motor squeeze of the trigger and respecting one another's tolerance for being sprayed) .  We paddled our bare feet in shallow water; here we were learning to take off and put on our socks and shoes.

Some Hedgehogs stayed inside  in the cool, enjoying playing with cooling cornflour gloop or a dinosaur water swamp.

When we come back together for a drink and a rest we have been reminiscing about our year together by looking through photos and enjoying learning related songs such as "I've Got My Hat On My Head" and "Blue Skies". Our favourite part is to shout the words "I say today will be hot!"

Have a lovely summer and stay safe in the heat.

Mrs Allen