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  • 20/03/19

    February fun!

    As one of our Wow Wednesday activities children got to explore cause and effect, forces and pattern whilst doing 'Splat painting'. We gave the children a variety of resources and got them to explore which was the most successful tool for creating the biggest splat when hit onto a cotton pad...
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  • 14/02/19

    January's Maths fun!

    The children have been learning about Estimating. We spent the week building our understanding by estimating in many different ways - how many pieces of fruit were in the bowl, how many stickers were on a piece of paper, how many shoes were in a box, how many goals we could score in 2 mins, how many...
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  • 20/12/18

    Christmas Carol performance

    On Wednesday 19th December Reception performed their carol concert to parents and grandparents. What a wonderful afternoon we had! The teachers, parents and grandparents were bursting with pride at how well the children did, their singing was just lovely, their dance moves (especially the Santa...
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  • 18/12/18

    Carols in the Community

    On Thursday 13th December some of our Reception children went along to The Singing Cafe at The Greenhouse. The children performed some of the carols they have been learning for our up coming Christmas Carols performance for parents. They then got to join with some of the Singing Cafe members favouri...
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  • 15/11/18

    More and less

    We have been learning about more and less this week. Some of the children created their own game using conkers and acorns. The children asked Mrs Johnstone to help and together they gathered some extra resources for their game - two bowls each and four dice. The children rolled the dice twice a...
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  • 18/10/18

    Exploding paint experiment!

    Wow Wednesday fun! This week we have been learning about reactions which can happen when two different substances are placed together. We know that hot water added to a tea bag makes tea and we know that cold water added to squash makes juice. What we didn't know is what would happen when w...
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  • 18/10/18

    Our first Parent Partnership session

    Thank you to all the parents that attended our very first Parent Partnership session. The aim of these sessions was to help parents understand the unique Early Years curriculum, how we provide for children's needs and how we support them to progress. We also talked about things that parents can...
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  • 20/09/18

    Welcome to big school!

    We have had a great start to our new classes. Our topic is 'Super me, Super you'. The children are settling well and all the staff have commented on how lovely they are. We have begun our Phonics learning and have been out on the playground on a listening walk, using our ears to distinguish...
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  • 18/07/18

    Zoo trip fun

    In Reception we ended our year together with a fantastic day spent at Whipsnade Zoo. The trip was planned to link in with our Summer term topic 'Amazing Animals'. Before we went, children in all classes looked at maps of the zoo and decided on their 'Big 3' (the 3 animals they most w...
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  • 27/06/18

    Designing Tiles for Printing

    The children carefully planned what design they wanted to do. The polystyrene tiles were very thin so the children learnt about pressure and how force they needed to use in order to make an indent but not break the tile! They then used a roller to put paint over the top of their tile. They then prin...
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  • 04/06/18

    Growth Mindset for Writing

    Learning about improving... This half term we have been developing our Growth Mindset work and linking this to our learning. Children have been comparing their Cold and Hot task writing to see how they have improved. This has helped children to understand the purpose of the feedback their te...
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  • 10/04/18

    Using the snow to enhance learning

    We are always looking to use every available opportunity for learning and the slightly unseasonal March snow offered us a great chance to practice our adding skills. Working together with a teacher a group of children created a target board for snow balls. They kept a record of the numbers they mana...
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