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We are superheroes!

Our topic this term is 'Super me, Super you' and we have been learning all about the different things that make us all special - or super.

Children (and grown ups!) had lots of fun dressing up and creating our own costumes using material and card to make capes, hats, wristbands and belts. 

In Literacy we have been learning new vocabulary to describe what makes us super. We have learnt that some words are more powerful than others. For example, Evil Pea, the baddie from our story 'Supertato' could be described as 'bad' However we could use other words that might give us a better idea of what he is like such as 'terrible', 'sneaky' or 'dastardly' 

In Maths we have been learning that we are super at numbers! We have been learning what numbers to 10 look like, what order they come in, how to count groups of objects, how to count forwards and backwards and the different ways we can make each number. 

What a busy October we have had! We are looking forward to lots more fab learning next month too.