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Marshmallow dinosaurs

The children are loving our dinosaur topic. This month we wanted to give them an opportunity to explore everything they had been learning about dinosaur bones, dinosaur fossils and the different types of dinosaurs. The children worked together in small groups to create a 'marshmallow dinosaur'. Together they decide if it would be a herbivore or a carnivore. They then had to think about the size of marshmallows and sticks they would need to make an accurate model of their chosen dinosaur. This activity was not only great for applying new knowledge it was also great, sticky fun! Children then wrote a description of their marshmallow dinosaur creation. Mrs Johnstone, Ms Williams and Miss Begg were super impressed with the writing produced and how hard the children were working. All the children were quite rightly very proud of their efforts. We are all looking forward to our Dinosaur Workshop after half term.