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Learning to write letters

We have begun introducing pre-cursive letter formation to the children during our weekly handwriting lesson. We also practice letter formation as part of our daily Phonics lessons.

All the grown ups in Squirrels, Rabbits and Badgers have been really pleased with how hard the children are trying especially when trying to form the new letters we have learnt during their child initiated learning time. This demonstrates our learning behaviour of 'Independence' beautifully and makes all the teachers very proud! 

The children have been enjoying exploring their letter formation in lots of different ways. They have used large vertical surfaces such as our 'Doodle Board' and chalk board doors, they have used our outdoor chalk table cable reel, they have used small whiteboards, painting easels and the mark making areas in each classroom. 

Keep up the good work everyone and remember your lead ins! Children will soon be bringing home individual name cards, as discussed at Parents Evening, to practice their pre-cursive letter formation with their own name.