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Not all heroes wear capes...

Our topic focus for Autumn term is 'Super me, Super you' 

Last week we had a special dress up day. Children were asked to come dressed up as someone they thought of as a hero. We had a wonderful selection of superheroes such as Batman and Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl. We also had a variety of every day heroes such as nurses, midwifes, doctors, fire fighters, police officers and teachers. Many of the children who came dressed as every day heroes were inspired by family members or parents who do those jobs every day. 

The children were asked questions around heroes. Do heroes have to have special powers? Do heroes have to wear a cape? What makes a person a hero? We had some great writing outcomes and children were inspired and motivated to write about the person they were dressed up. 

This week we have built further on our topic and begun to learn our focus story 'The super kiss that missed' This is a journey story and to help the children understand this type of story we went on a journey around school where we kept finding things that had mysteriously gone wrong. How did the recycling bin end up upside down? How did the felt tips get on the floor? The children then got their first chance to be authors by working together to create our own journey story about our walk. They are now proudly displayed on our class washing lines. 

Next week we are going to be exploring vocabulary and looking at how describing words, which we will learn are called adjectives, help us to understand a story and to imagine it in our heads.