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Year 1

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  • 20/07/24

    Fruit Kebabs

    As part of our DT, the children designed and made their own fruit kebabs. The children learnt to use knifes safely to chop the fruit and then put it safely on to the kebab stick. Once they had designed it they ate it and then evaluated it.
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  • 28/06/24

    Weather Forecast

    During our geography lessons, we have been learning about the weather. We used our knowledge to create weather forecasts for the UK. 
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  • 22/05/24

    Our Toys Have Quit!

    On Monday, the children arrived at school to discover their toys had quit. The toys wrote a letter to explain how they felt and complain about how they have been treated by the children. In English, the children wrote a letter to the toys to persuade them to come back and apologise for how they trea...
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  • 30/04/24

    Trip to Mountfitchet Castle and Toy Museum

    On Tuesday, Year 1 went to visit Mountfitchet Castle. They were able to walk around and explore different parts of the motte and bailey castle and further understand what life was like in medieval times. After lunch, the children then visited a toy museum and looked at toys from the past. 
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  • 28/03/24

    Visit to St Thomas' Church

    Year 1 enjoyed a visit to our local church to learn more about what Easter means to Christians. They were even lucky enough to play the organ and ring the church bell. 
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  • 16/02/24

    Royal banquet

    We enjoyed learning lots of new things about motte and bailey castles and how they changed over time. As part of our theme learning we dressed as princesses, princes and knights and celebrated with a royal banquet where we learnt a medieval dance and sampled different foods.
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  • 12/01/24

    Performing poetry

    In guided reading, this week, we have been looking at different winter poems. Some children performed the poem to their group.
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  • 20/12/23

    Christmas Party

    On our last day of this term we had our Christmas Party. We played lots of games and had a dance with our friends. We then finished with with a snack and a drink. 
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  • 20/12/23

    Christmas Crafts

    This month we had lots of fun with our parents and carers. We made different Christmas crafts and then enjoyed a biscuit and drink afterwards.
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  • 31/10/23

    Clay self-portraits

    As part of our topic 'What makes me a me?' the children in Year 1 have been learning about portraits and self-portraits. In our art lesson, they used clay to make a self-portrait. 
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  • 13/09/23

    Choosing our library books

    This week, the children in Year 1 visited the library areas outside their classroom. They chose a book to share with their families at home. These books need to be returned to school on a Monday and the children will bring a new book home. 
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  • 12/07/23

    Fruit kebabs

    This week the children in Year 1 are making fruit kebabs and fruit salads as part of their DT lessons. The children have been learning about the difference between fruits and vegetables, and they have used this knowledge to support them with designing and making their kebabs. 
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