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Year 1

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  • 09/07/21

    Seaside Art!

    Inspired by Picasso, Year 1 have been creating some wonderful seaside collages. We used different materials to build our marvellous masterpieces! 
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  • 11/06/21

    Fun at the Seaside!

    This week, we were lucky enough to take a trip to the beach. Our classrooms were transformed into the seaside, and we had so much fun. We enjoyed making ice-creams, building sandcastles and rock pooling to find sea creatures! 
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  • 25/05/21

    Jack and the Mountain!

    This week, we have been planning and writing our very own stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk. We have thought carefully about the structure of our writing and have included some interesting twists to the traditional story!
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  • 30/04/21

    Investigating cress!

    This week the children had great fun learning all about the life of plants. We got to plant our own seeds and placed them in different areas of the classroom to see which one will grow best. Watch this space!!...
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  • 17/03/21

    Mud Paintings!

    We have been having so much fun since we have returned to school. One particular lesson that brought us so much enjoyment involved painting with mud! Using our taught knowledge of the United Kingdom, we created flags to represent each country. Can you guess which flag is in the picture?
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  • 25/02/21

    Searching for Shadows!

    Year 1 have really been enjoying 'Weather Week'. As part of this topic, we have been learning all about shadows and how they are created.  Did you manage to find your shadow?  I wonder if it stayed the same throughout the day...
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  • 28/01/21

    Our Wonder Wall!

    We have been beyond impressed with all of the wonderful pieces of learning that we have been receiving.  Have you made it onto our Wonder Wall this week?  Keep up the amazing work. The Y1 adults are so proud of you.
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  • 16/12/20

    We have been on a mission!

    In Year 1, we have been very busy planning, writing and editing our very own stories! We are so incredibly proud of all of our writing and we had lots of fun and laughter making up our missions!
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  • 20/11/20

    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

    Year 1 have been thinking about friendships, kindness and respect. We have introduced 'rainbow sticks' as a way of acknowledging kind behaviour. In Donaldson, the children have been busy making handprints to create a heart of kindness. 
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  • 25/09/20


    Year 1 had a surprise visit from a very special guest. During the week, Auggie travelled all the way from America to spend some time with our children. We asked him lots of fantastic questions and found out so much more information about his life. 
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  • 26/06/20

    Letter from Mrs Light

    Hi Year 1, it's Mrs Light here. I’m just checking in to say hello, as it has been such a long time since I have seen most of you. Whether you are still working at home, or you have returned back to our new school bubbles, it certainly is still a new experience for us all. Did you...
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