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Year 1

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  • 20/10/21

    Clay self-portraits

    To end our learning about portraits and self-portraits, we used clay to create a self-portrait. We used different tools to shape our faces, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. We then learnt how to join the parts together.
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  • 20/10/21

    Our senses

    This week we started learning about poetry in English. The children worked in a group to read different phrases and decide which sense we would use to know what it was. 
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  • 17/10/21

    Human features around school

    As part of our learning in geography, we walked around school and identified the human features. We then added these to our maps. 
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  • 21/09/21

    Where we live

    As part of our learning in geography, the children learnt about human features. We walked around school and identified different human features on a map. 
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  • 19/09/21

    Chocolate Factory

    This week, for the celebration of Roald Dahl day, the children have complete a variety of learning linked to Roald Dahl. They completed work linked to The Enormous Crocodile and learnt to write shopping lists to buy ingredients. For a fabulous ending to their learning, the children earned a gol...
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  • 07/09/21

    The skeleton dance

    As part of topic 'What makes me a me?', the children learnt the skeleton dance during our science lesson this week. The children enjoyed learning about the different parts of their body and how they are connected. They then made a cotton bud skeleton to show their understanding.
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  • 04/09/21

    Back to School 2021

    The children have settled well into Year 1. They have spent the first two days getting to know their new classrooms and completing different activities about our authors, Claire Freedman and Julia Donaldson. 
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  • 09/07/21

    Seaside Art!

    Inspired by Picasso, Year 1 have been creating some wonderful seaside collages. We used different materials to build our marvellous masterpieces! 
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  • 11/06/21

    Fun at the Seaside!

    This week, we were lucky enough to take a trip to the beach. Our classrooms were transformed into the seaside, and we had so much fun. We enjoyed making ice-creams, building sandcastles and rock pooling to find sea creatures! 
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  • 25/05/21

    Jack and the Mountain!

    This week, we have been planning and writing our very own stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk. We have thought carefully about the structure of our writing and have included some interesting twists to the traditional story!
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  • 30/04/21

    Investigating cress!

    This week the children had great fun learning all about the life of plants. We got to plant our own seeds and placed them in different areas of the classroom to see which one will grow best. Watch this space!!...
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  • 17/03/21

    Mud Paintings!

    We have been having so much fun since we have returned to school. One particular lesson that brought us so much enjoyment involved painting with mud! Using our taught knowledge of the United Kingdom, we created flags to represent each country. Can you guess which flag is in the picture?
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