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A message from Mrs Newman

Hello year one learners.

It was so lovely seeing some of you back in school on Monday.

Wasn’t it a peculiar day!

In Carle Class we listed everything that we found was peculiar about being back in school or about our experience of the lockdown.

I love this word.  It means strange, unusual, funny or weird. It definitely means out-of-the-ordinary or not normal.

I have heard some people calling our bubbles the “new normal”. What do you think?

I think anything new can be a mixture of scary and exciting!

Everything will be OK. My advice is to talk about how you are feeling and to think about what things are still the same and look for reasons to be glad.  An example might be that now you know what the Year 2 area and classrooms are like.  Also you can get lots more attention from your classroom adults because there are fewer of you.  If you are still at home, some of the positives include not having to get up so early and having more family time. You can add to this list I am sure.