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It’s been a busy time of late for Year 5. First of all, the students have been learning to write newspaper reports, based around our topic on the Battle of Hastings in 1066. There was a real focus on a number of key newspaper characteristics, including a catchy headline, the use of formal language, direct and reported speech and time connectives. Although not quite at the end of this learning journey yet, some of the children's writing has been fantastic and has really put across the horror of the battle. Some snippets include, ‘At about 9am the battle commenced, with the sound of trumpets blowing on both sides,’ and, ‘Then William ran in front of his army and yelled, “Look at me! I live with God’s help. I shall conquer!”’ 

In Maths, we’ve been working on angles and the children can now identify the different types, such as acute, reflex and obtuse. We've also started to measure angles using a protractor, as well as calculate the size of angles using known facts (for example: a right angle being 90°, a straight line 180° and the angle of a full circle being 360°). Any extra practice at home would be extremely useful for the children in this area - particularly in using a protractor as this is something that can be tricky to master!

Mornings this past week have involved the children sitting past-SATs papers under formal test conditions - giving them an insight to what they will be experiencing for real next year. All credit to the children who have gone about it in an incredibly mature and sensible way.

Finally, a huge well done to the children on a fantastic set of homework once again. We've really enjoyed looking through the children's family shields - it's lovely to see how much thought has gone into them. We were particularly impressed with the artistic skills on display! We've attached one of our particular favourites to this blog post but there were so many wonderful shields to choose from. Keep up the excellent homework Year 5!