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British Museum

Year 5 venture to London.

On the 11th October Year 5 visited the British Museum. After a short coach trip we disembarked and made our way inside. The children were amazed at the size of the building and could not wait to go and find the Greek artefacts (although by the time we had got there the teachers had been asked several times when lunch was and it was only 10.30am).

Several children were lucky enough to use the iPads to record the days events (you will be able to see some of them below). Starting on the bottom floor we walked through the Egyptian room, where all the children wanted to stay, and into the first Greek room. Inside the children were excited to see all the Greek artefacts they had been learning about right there in front of them. Going around the children had activity booklets to complete and things to find out so were frantically searching for the answers. 

Finally we stopped for lunch and the children were full! Hurray said the teachers no more questions! 

In the afternoon we had time for one more room where their were lots of vases and small pieces of porcelain found on archaeological digs. The children were complemented by a member of the public on their behaviour which was a proud moment for us teachers. So well done Year 5!

Finally on the coach home the children were full of chatter and could not wait to get back to see there photos.